15 weeks and counting

I am 15 weeks post op today and I am thinking that I might try to run outside for the first time tomorrow.  We have had great weather up here in Minnesota and the roads are almost completly clear of ice and snow.  I am a little nervous about it because my calf muscle is pretty weak yet and pushing off the ground requires more effort than on the treadmill so I hope I don’t tire out too fast.   I was able to run 3 miles on the treadmill two days in a row this week.  It went fine, but I have noticed that my achilles is a little more stiff and sore.  I am wondering what everybody else has experienced when they first started running.  A lot of aches and pains?  No trouble at all?  My pace is still slow, but it has increased slightly.

Other than running I have been working on gaining back my leg strength with exercises given to me by my PT.  I am no longer seeing my PT, but I do have a follow up appointment next week to evaluate my progress.  I still get some swelling on a daily basis so I have to ice on a regular basis.  All in all it is good to be at 15 weeks and feeling somewhat normal.  I can’t wait to increase my mileage running, shoot a jump shot, and play some volleyball or softball.  Hopefully by this summer these things will all happen.  I do still plan on running a half-marathon in May if I can avoid any setbacks.  The race I am looking at is 6 months and 1 day after my surgery, which I think would be a good way to celebrate the 6 month mark.

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  1. I hope you get to meet your GOALS.
    This week I go to 16 wks post-op and I’ve been told no running for a few more weeks. I’ve made the promise to wait until April until I give it a try.

    I too feel pretty much back to normal with limited activity, Just today I’ve been cut off of therapy, so I have a check up in a month to see how I’m doing. I’d like to compete in the Triathlon the end of June that really caused everything, but that would be 7 months after surgery and the PT says that would pushing it a little to close. If it were 9 to 10 months, maybe better.

    Good Luck and keep us posted.

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