1st PT visit

I meet my PT for the first time yesterday.  I think he will be a good match for me.  He went through a number of range of motion and strengthening exercises with me.  I practiced transfering my weight to my injured leg without the boot on.  I also walked with crutches and using a railing without the boot on.  He massaged my achilles and gave me a few more instructions.  I am back again next Tuesday.  Until then he said to practice walking around the house with two crutches, then in a few days with one crutch.  When I see him next I should be able to elminate the crutches and walk into shoes, except outside becuase of the snow and ice.  Although I have lost a lot of strength I think that I need to concentrate on improving my range of motion so it easy to walk and do some of the exercises.  I won’t be able to bring in the new year on two shoes, but I have tried walking a little bit around the  house and it went fine.  I have some great plans for the long weekend.  I am going to go ice fishing today, pheasant hunting tomorrow, and then visit family on Saturday so I will have plenty to do.  This is good because otherwise I would probably be rushing walking in two shoes because I keep the boot off most of the time while I am around the house.

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  1. Don’t overdo it!

    I have and boy is it nasty!

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