almost 6 weeks post op and a new goal

I met with my sugreon on a follow up visit today.  He took a brief look at my achilles, asked if I could curl my toes, wiggle my foot, and push down with my foot.  Everything went well and he said I can start PT.  I was even able to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.  The doc also told me I can start wearing and walking in two shoes again once I get a couple PT sessions in and I reach 6 weeks post op (which is Friday for me).  I can’t wait to eliminate the boot from my daily routine.  I asked the doctor about the possibility of running a half-marathon that is scheduled exactly 6 months and 1 day after my surgery and he thought it would be quite possible barring any unforseen circumstances.  This means that I am going to move up my goal recovery date on my NYC Marathon widget.

2 Responses to “almost 6 weeks post op and a new goal”

  1. Josher, that’s great! I’m 5 weeks 5 days post-op, is a day ahead of you and I haven’t heard anything about shoes yet.

  2. Nice. And congratulations on graduating to two shoes. You may have to go buy a new pair because your injured foot will be bigger for a while. I’ve been at two shoes for several weeks and still have two pair I can’t wear because they’re just too tight on my left foot.

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