I slipped in the entryway at work today.  It snowed yesterday and my crutch (I haven’t been using them, but it is a long walk to my office so the crutches make it faster than walking) found a wet spot.  I started to fall backwards and my boot hit the ground.  Fortunately I managed to catch my balance and didn’t fall.  I didn’t feel pain from putting my foot on the ground.  I probably ended up putting less pressure on my leg then when I am walking, but it was definitely startling.  As far as I know I was able to avoid causing any damage, but there is always that little bit of doubt that creeps into my mind.

4 Responses to “Oops!”

  1. Oh, man, I think that while everyone who has an ATR is supremely unlucky, those of us who are in the crutches stage during the winter months of rain and snow are the unluckiest of all! Sounds like you didn’t do any damage, thank goodness. And you guys who are thinking about drinking- rent a wheelchair :) It’s hard enough not falling sober.

  2. I’ve recreated the scene where Bambi hits the ice for the first time twice this past week…I’m looking forward to losing the crutches.

    Deanne (aka DREAMS)

  3. I’d had been using the crutches only to speed up long walks, but I have now officially retired them after that. Deanne, I hope you are OK after your incidents.

  4. Luckily my pride was hurt more then any body part. I just used my volleyball skills to make it down without injuring myself.

    Deanne (aka DREAMS)

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