I had an exciting day today.  I had surgery exactly two weeks ago.  I got my cast off yesterday and was told I could start bearing weight and walking.  I was able to stand without crutches last night and after carefully practicing today I am now able to walk around the house without crutches.  Hopefully I will be able to gradually add some distance and speed.  I am pretty slow right now, but fast enough that I’d rather walk the use the crutches.

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  1. I wish I had your doctor! I had surgery 2 weeks ago, too (November 19) and I just now have a cast and no weight bearing for 2 weeks.

  2. maryk, don’t get discouraged. Every doctor has a different idea of how their patients should go through the healing/recovery process. We are all headed towards the same goal. I have been through an ACL reconstruction also and it is very important to stay positive and stay determined. I am a firm believer that your state of mind can influence your body’s recovery.

  3. Josher- that’s great news…I was given the ‘as much weight as tolerated’ until I can walk line at yesterday’s appointment. It’s weird that I waited 6 weeks, and now I’m nervous. I have only taken a few steps around the house, but I figure that since I am stuck in the house today (snowed in) I might as well test it out in small increments. I find it amazing how in only 6 weeks I seem to have completely forgotten the mechanics of walking :S
    Have fun…
    Deanne (aka DREAMS)

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