1st PT visit

I meet my PT for the first time yesterday.  I think he will be a good match for me.  He went through a number of range of motion and strengthening exercises with me.  I practiced transfering my weight to my injured leg without the boot on.  I also walked with crutches and using a railing [...]

almost 6 weeks post op and a new goal

I met with my sugreon on a follow up visit today.  He took a brief look at my achilles, asked if I could curl my toes, wiggle my foot, and push down with my foot.  Everything went well and he said I can start PT.  I was even able to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.  The [...]


I slipped in the entryway at work today.  It snowed yesterday and my crutch (I haven’t been using them, but it is a long walk to my office so the crutches make it faster than walking) found a wet spot.  I started to fall backwards and my boot hit the ground.  Fortunately I managed to [...]


I had an exciting day today.  I had surgery exactly two weeks ago.  I got my cast off yesterday and was told I could start bearing weight and walking.  I was able to stand without crutches last night and after carefully practicing today I am now able to walk around the house without crutches.  Hopefully [...]

boot scootin’ boogie

I had my 2 week post op appointment today.  I had a chance to talk to my doctor which was good as I had some questions.  I got my cast/splint off and the staples from my incision out.  It is a weird feeling look at your leg again after two weeks and having my foot [...]