Well it has been 5 days since surgery for me  and this has given me some time to read some of the many blogs that others have posted.  They have been enjoyable to read as well as motivational and supportive.  One thing that I have noticed is the discrepancy in recovery amongst us all, in particular the timeline for recovery that our doctors have given us.  I realize that many of us are different in many ways which can lead to differences in recovery time.  I have read about people having a cast for one week to others in a cast for 6 weeks and beyond.  I guess what I am getting at is there research out there supporting one approach over the other?  My doc stated that he plans to have me in a cast (actually more of a splint) for two weeks, then in a boot with risers (eliminating one each week)  for four weeks after that.  At that point, 6 weeks post op, I will start physical therapy and be in two shoes.  He also thought I would/could be FWB after the cast comes off.  Does this sound to aggressive or optimistic?  I hope not because I now have my sights on meeting this timeline.

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  1. It’s only been 5 days and only you will know how you feel.
    Don’t overdo it but also don’t underdo it.
    I’d be worried about a DR would only stick with the text book, you know?
    Sure I wish you such an awesome recovery but be prepared for bumps.

  2. Hi, Josh. I had my surgery on November 19th- just one day before you did. I am in a splint for 2 weeks, then cast for 6 weeks, then boot for I have no idea, I’m trying not to think about it. Lucky me, I tore my tendon on BOTH ends. Sheesh. I agree with you- it’s very confusing to read about cast v splint, early mobilization vs complete immobilization for months.

  3. Josh, sounds like your doc and my husband’s doc gave similar timelines (though my husband went into a boot a week earlier). My friend is a PA in a different state for a large orthopedic practice; she says that even within their practice, the doctors pursue different methods of treatment.

    It is somewhat unnerving to read about other treatment that seems so different than what is happening firsthand — my pal assured me that it’s all just a different road to the same place.

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