Another 48 hours

Well, I am at 48 hours post op and I now have a couple of questions.  Everything seems to be going well, but I had to adjust my cast yesterday as it was cutting off circulation to my toes and also pinching my heal.  Does anybody else wonder about the positions they rest their leg in?  Last night while sleeping I woke myself up a few times becaues I was dreaming about doing activities such as running and jumping.  This is great because it is the only way I will be able do to such activities for a while however I woke myself up because my legs were going through the motions of running and jumping and I started contracting my calf muscle causing pain in my achilles.  How easy is it to cause damage to my surgically repaired achilles tendon?  I usually get a sharp pain that slowly fades.  Once it goes away everything appears to be normal.

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  1. I’m 2 weeks post-op. I experienced the same dreams the first week. Seems like I woke up in fear every hour for the first few nights. I finally figured out I was waking up every time my wife moved, out of fear she would hit my leg/foot.
    My tendon tore in two. The doc told me he cleaned up both ends (they are frayed after a tear) and sewed it back together using material that is much stronger than I could break. The cast is preventing me from being able to move my foot up enough to do any damage. I assume yours is the same.
    The mental aspect of this injury seems to be just as hard as the physical. Good luck with the recovery. Keep us posted.

  2. “Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry any more”

    Mental aspect is def tough, esp if you’re used to being independent. i’m used to sleeping on my side, so when i had a cast on that was a little tricky. i used to rest my leg on some pillows at night, on it’s side. i found out that when staples were still in it was a little painful to rest it on the heel. as for day time television………let’s make a deal comes on at 10, then the price is right is next at 11, the dog whisperer comes on at 2, and then something interesting is usually on after that.

  3. My story is very similar to stevem, I am 2 and a bit weeks post op, mine too tore in two and had frayed ends. I am wondering if there are any light exercises that one can do with toes or massage the calf muscle where possibl whilst in the cast.
    I find the mental aspect to be worse than the actual injury, I get very depressed as I am unable to do most of what I use to do. I am very glad I found this site, gives reassurance when reading other sad tales.

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