Well it has been 5 days since surgery for me  and this has given me some time to read some of the many blogs that others have posted.  They have been enjoyable to read as well as motivational and supportive.  One thing that I have noticed is the discrepancy in recovery amongst us all, in [...]

Another 48 hours

Well, I am at 48 hours post op and I now have a couple of questions.  Everything seems to be going well, but I had to adjust my cast yesterday as it was cutting off circulation to my toes and also pinching my heal.  Does anybody else wonder about the positions they rest their leg [...]

Day After Surgery

It has been almost 24 hrs since surgery and the nerve block that numbed my leg wore off last night.  Even though I now have pain it is definitely better than not being able to feel my toes, foot, and leg.  I am glad I was able to have my surgery on a Friday because [...]

Surgery Today

Well this is my first post.  I ruptured my achilles tendon on Sunday 11/15/2009 and I had surgery to repair it this morning.  I feel great so far, but my right leg is still numb so I’ll find out more when I get my feeling back.   I am a very active person and I know [...]