First Follow-Up Appointment (12 Days)

Made the 40-minute trek to the North Shore of Vancouver to visit my surgeon this afternoon. Not knowing how long it would take at the hospital’s cast-clinic, I paid for 3-hours of parking. The appointment lasted 20 minutes.

They cut off my plaster slab and bandage, and examined the stitches - all looked good (though still bruised and somewhat swollen).

I was able to acquire a VacoCast off of Craigslist (just a few minutes from the hospital) and the surgeon was very supportive of its use. It was nice to air out the leg a little, and am thrilled with the comfort of the boot.

I was given a protocol for the next 6 weeks, including gradual weight bearing, a bit of physio, and so on. I know that I still need to be patient, but the ortho was optimistic that I could start doing the two-shoes thing after our next visit (6 weeks from now).

It was a good day.

2 Responses to “First Follow-Up Appointment (12 Days)”

  1. Hi. I am 3 days post op. Aged 50. Living in Johannesburg.
    Good luck. I am a few weeks behind you on the recovery process. So will watch with interest.

    How are you finding the Vacocast? Several bloggers rave about it. What are the advantages? I would like to know if it is worth trying to find one in Johannesburg. How much do they cost in the US?

    I am still in a cast at the moment. Follow up visit in 10 days. The current plan is to keep the cast on until 4 weeks. This seems longer than most of the blogs.

  2. Congrats on the Vacocast. I just started using one last Friday.

    So far so good, it’s comfy and supportive. AND you can swim in it!

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