First Follow-Up Appointment (12 Days)

Made the 40-minute trek to the North Shore of Vancouver to visit my surgeon this afternoon. Not knowing how long it would take at the hospital’s cast-clinic, I paid for 3-hours of parking. The appointment lasted 20 minutes.
They cut off my plaster slab and bandage, and examined the stitches - all looked good [...]


Seven years ago, I had a compound fracture of my right tibia/fibula. It’s wasn’t pretty, and since it was my right leg, was incredible inconvenient for self-transportation. I only owned a stick-shift car at the time, and so was pretty much grounded until I was able to borrow my parents’ pick-up truck.
This time [...]

My first post (and my first 11 days)

Hey Folks.
As much as I hate to be a part of this community, it’s nice to know that while we’re here, we can be a resource to each other.  I’ve already been able to get a great amount of info from this AchillesBlog community.  So…. thanks for that.
The event: I experienced my ATR (look at [...]