Original injury date August 3, 2010 playing ultimate frisbee.  Was on D, changed direction, heard a pop, fell over.  Tear was assessed to be about 95% and too high for surgical repair. I was out of boot by week 10 and was doing a fair bit of walking, physio twice a week and stretching.

I made it to 14 weeks and re-injured on November 13, 2010.  Same location, full rupture, not repairable with surgery.  This time all I did was plant on my injured foot and bend down to pick something up off the floor and it tore again.  I’m on crutches still now and in the boot (two heel wedges).  I got the go ahead to start partial weight bearing but I am pretty hesitant as I am planning on taking the recovery/healing slower this round.  I am also thinking that I will start physio at least a month later this time around too.

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