Hello from Australia

Hey I’m from Sydney Australia and ruptured my Achilles tendon on my left foot on the 25th April. This is the first time I have injured my Achilles tendon.

I had surgery on the tendon the day after, and was put in a half cast for 2 weeks NWB. After the 2 weeks my stitches were removed and was out in a full cast NWB for another 4 weeks. During my next visit my cast was removed and a new full cast put on, although this time my foot was set in the neutral position. I had to keep it on for another 2 weeks.

Today I had my 2nd cast removed, and a boot was put on… The physiotherapist told me that I could put some weight on it, as long as I felt no discomfort. And also do ankle exercises  aswell.

After getting the boot put on I had to go back the the orthopedists so they could check up on my injury. 3 orthopedist doctors were there and all 3 gave me different answers as to how I should treat the next 2 weeks. The first one told me that I could weight bear, and after 2 weeks I could walk without the boot. The 2nd doctor told me I could weight bear, and will need to keep the boot on for 3 months. The 3rd doctor said that I could not weight bear for 2 weeks, and after start to weight bear and have the boot on for 3 months.

This is where I start to get confused as i don’t know which direction to take. If I could get help on this matter it would be deeply appreciated.