I’m back! (sort of)

Thursday is the 6-month anniversary of my surgery and, much to my delight I was cleared by my doctor to play hockey and start running again. So, I played hockey a few days ago, and it was a blast! The next day I was sore, but did not experience any soreness in my Achilles, which was encouraging. I have since been jogging every day and have not had much pain except for in my calf muscle; I assume because I have lost a considerable amount of strength in that leg. I am tempted to go further and further each day but am trying not to over-do it at the same time as I am a little paranoid about a re-rupture. I am strong, as I have been using an arc trainer with about 45 lbs. of resistance for 40-minute sessions up to this point, but now that I can run outside I am all done with that form of exercise. So far I have held back and only run a mile and a half. Any thoughts as to how hard I can push myself, or if it is safe to increase my distance at this time if I am not in pain while running? Can I re-rupture out of nowhere or hurt myself in some other way? I asked my doctor if I could run a 10k in a few weeks and he gave me a fairly vague answer. Something about if I am not in pain I can increase my mileage and make that decision in two weeks. I am sure I am now over-thinking this, but I welcome the opinions of my fellow bloggers who have been through this recovery before. When I think about running this race, I have realized that I can deal with being sore after, but I absolutely cannot deal with a re-rupture. However, I would rather not miss it if I don’t have to. It is important to me. Thanks!!

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  1. Re-ruptures after 6 months are very rare. As long as you can do a bunch of 1-leg heel raises without heroic effort, I think you’re cleared for takeoff, limited only by your strength and fitness level.

    P.S. I am on my second ATR, but this one’s on the other leg!

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