Hello all,
I am almost 14 weeks post-op and I feel like I am getting strong very quickly but now I am really itching to get back into shape. My doctor said it was ok to ride a stationary bike, but now my question is whether or not I have any other options (i.e. elliptical trainer, arc trainer, etc.) when I am looking to work up a sweat. What has everyone found to be the best and is any piece of equipment particularly safe/dangerous? I am doing all of this with my doctor’s blessing as my strength is coming back very quickly. Any feedback or info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I’m about a week ahead of you and my PT let me start on an elliptical about a month ago. Other things that I’ve been OKed to do are swimming and running in chest-high water. I’ve yet to find the time for either swimming or pool-running, but would expect that they’d offer a good workout.

  2. Oh wow - good for you getting cleared for the pool :) I am a former swimmer and I love the water and pool running. Hopefully you find the time for it!! Have you ever tried the Topricin natural pain cream? Our family uses it and we love it for aches and pains! Good Luck in your recovery :)

  3. Swimming, and walking in the water.
    Yesterday for the first time I tried and aquafit class, it was a great feeling to kind of jump for the first time after 10 months!

  4. Jose - At 14 weeks you’re probably safe to give the elliptical a try. I would suggest setting the machine to a very low resistance and just slowly go through the motion. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, then stop. If it feels okay, then you can pick up the pace and/or adjust the resistance. Also, like the others have said, the pool is a great tool for rehab, if you have access to one.

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