Hello all, I am reaching out to th community for answers. I had surgery for an ATR almost 10 months ago. This past March marked 6 months post op for me. Since then I have started to run again regularly and play sports without much pain or trouble. Two nights ago I slid awkwardly in a softball game and my ankle became very sore. Since then it has been sore. Though it feels better today I still find that I have a very distinct soreness near the tendon when I point my toes up or lift up the ball of my foot (it is not bad though, I am not limping or anything). I am probably being paranoid, but I needed to get someones opinion. So, is this something I should be losing sleep over or did I just give it a little stretch that just needs a bit of time to heal?

I’m back! (sort of)

Thursday is the 6-month anniversary of my surgery and, much to my delight I was cleared by my doctor to play hockey and start running again. So, I played hockey a few days ago, and it was a blast! The next day I was sore, but did not experience any soreness in my Achilles, which was encouraging. I have since been jogging every day and have not had much pain except for in my calf muscle; I assume because I have lost a considerable amount of strength in that leg. I am tempted to go further and further each day but am trying not to over-do it at the same time as I am a little paranoid about a re-rupture. I am strong, as I have been using an arc trainer with about 45 lbs. of resistance for 40-minute sessions up to this point, but now that I can run outside I am all done with that form of exercise. So far I have held back and only run a mile and a half. Any thoughts as to how hard I can push myself, or if it is safe to increase my distance at this time if I am not in pain while running? Can I re-rupture out of nowhere or hurt myself in some other way? I asked my doctor if I could run a 10k in a few weeks and he gave me a fairly vague answer. Something about if I am not in pain I can increase my mileage and make that decision in two weeks. I am sure I am now over-thinking this, but I welcome the opinions of my fellow bloggers who have been through this recovery before. When I think about running this race, I have realized that I can deal with being sore after, but I absolutely cannot deal with a re-rupture. However, I would rather not miss it if I don’t have to. It is important to me. Thanks!!

More like my old self

Well friends, I am happy to report that I am feeling more and more like my old self these days. I am just a hair over 4 months post op and I feel as though I am rapidly gaining my strength back. I exercise on the “arc trainer” about every other day now, am less sore every time, walk without any trace of a limp, and can even run a little (30 feet) with a fairly normal stride (don’t tell my doc). Havent yet done a successful heel raise, but I feel like that day is coming soon. Just wanted to share the good news.


Hello all,
I am almost 14 weeks post-op and I feel like I am getting strong very quickly but now I am really itching to get back into shape. My doctor said it was ok to ride a stationary bike, but now my question is whether or not I have any other options (i.e. elliptical trainer, arc trainer, etc.) when I am looking to work up a sweat. What has everyone found to be the best and is any piece of equipment particularly safe/dangerous? I am doing all of this with my doctor’s blessing as my strength is coming back very quickly. Any feedback or info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

10k Question

Last Thursday I had my last official visit with the doctor.  He feels my recovery is coming along nicely and, unless I feel I need to, I am not required to see him again.  My limp is almost gone, and I am feeling better every day.  March will mark 6 months since my surgery so he told me my date of liberation will be St. Patrick’s day.  After St. Patty’s I can resume all normal activities (sports, jogging, stc.).  So, in thinking about that wonderful day, I cannot help but inquire as to what I should expect when I return to jogging, and if anyone out there thinks it possible for me to run a 10K at the end of the month, assuming I am able to return to some kind of decent fitness level by biking and swimming up until then.  What can I expect from my leg when I do return to jogging?


I am finally out of my cast.  I am not in a boot or anything like that, all I have to wear is an insert that raises my ankle up and a compression sock.  The cast actually came off a week ago today.  I could walk a little the day they took my cast off and my gait has improved ever since.  I can walk very comfortably now, albiet still with a limp.  I can even stand on one foot, though I havent tried to raise myself up on my toes as I dont feel I have the strength. When this all started the doctor told me I wont run or play hockey until March, but after this week I kind of find that hard to believe.  I expect to shed this limp very soon as I am stretching the tendon like they showed me, and bending my knee further over my toes every day.

New cast

Well, I am almost exactly one month post op and my doctor has put me in a short leg cast.  When I went into the office they took off the giant cast I had on, which was a tremendous relief, and replaced it with one that stops just under my knee.  When they casted me they tried to put my foot at a ninety degee angle, which was interesting.  I realized I have very little flexibility but, it is interesting that I now occasional feel my achilles because I will occasionally flex my calf.  Can’t wait to start rehab as I am hoping to get back on skates and coach my hockey team.  I also really want to run a 10K at the end of March, but I am not sure how realistic that is.

Everyone keeps telling me I am a little too young…

to have injured myself in this way.  I am 28 years old and considered myself to be in pretty good shape.  However, two weeks ago I found myself lying on the ground between second and third base, writhing in pain, after having torn my achilles legging out a triple in a beer league softball game.  I think I am most bothered by the injury because I do not know why it happened, nor am I clear regarding when I can return to life as I knew it.  When I injured myself I was very active.  I was training to run a marathon in Columbus Ohio, and I was playing softball and hockey two nights a week.  My ankle had been sore prior to this, but I guess I just didn’t realize the danger I was in because I have really never hurt myself before this and certainly had never had surgery or anything of that nature.

So, it has been just over two weeks since my surgery and I am already focused my rehabilitation and how quickly I can come back from this.  I want badly to be able to return to distance running at some point and for now I would settle for knowing that, at some point in the near future I can  return to exercising in some way shape or form, be it a stationary bike, elliptical, or swimming laps in a pool.  I also coach high school hockey and would love to get back on my skates during practice at some point.  I have no idea if I am crazy to think any of this will happen this winter, but hopefully some of you have some insight regarding these activities and when they may happen.  My doctor seems to have an aggressive attitude towards my recovery, which I like, but I am still just sitting here wondering when I can get back to doing the things I enjoy, which as mostly related to exercise and being involved with beer league athletics (i.e. softball, racquetball,  hockey).  Any insight into the recovery process is appreciated.  Until then, I am glued to the couch saving the post apocalyptic world in Halo 3 and dreaming of long jogs and having my cast cut down in two weeks.