Achilles Recovery Tips/Help?

Hey everyone,

I recently just joined this site and I feel that this is a great place to share ideas and help others in the same boat. I tore my Achilles on September 10 and had surgery on the 20th. I have been on crutches since the 10th when it happened. I am currently taking 14 hours at my university, I live 15 minutes away, have a job at GNC and coaching at CrossFit, and my family lives 3 hours away. This happened at the beginning of this semester so I pretty much got the worst luck possible.

I am a competitive CrossFit athlete as well as a competitive Oly Lifter. I normally train for around 3 hours a day total with appropriate rest days. Ironically enough, my ATR happened while playing a flag football game with my fraternity. On top of all this I am only 20 years of age.

As I said, I have a very busy schedule with my parents out of the picture. My current orthopoaedic has no clue what the VacoCast is, but I know that I want it. I need to at least be able to walk and use my hands in my situation. I need some help or advice with what I should do in my situation. I know that getting back to competing will be a long while, but right now my goal is just walking. I can’t take the crutches anymore.
Please give me some feedback on how I can better this situation.

Thank you,

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