Lumpy and bumpy and swelling

Hola! So I’ve been fwb in 2 shoes for 3 weeks going to PT. My achilles is lumpy and hard near the scar area. I am also still getting a lot of swelling. I am able to walk faster more and more. What is normal? My PT says it is but…. What is the 3 to 5 month recovery period look like?

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2 Shoes!!!!

3 months and I can wear shoes again! 1st day I took it pretty light. 2nd day I walked a lot. Going to PT 3 times a week until the end of the year. I might try and do 4 since insurance changes at the new year.

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Boot Stink

OK 1 week in this boot and oh boy is it getting a little….um… funky. Any suggestions?

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Heel Pain

Ok so I am out of the the cast yea! In the boot the only pain I have, which is a surprise, is that my heel really hurts when I walk. The rest of my leg including the injury feels fine. The bottom of the “boot” feels like I am standing on cement. Any recommendations of getting around this or will this go away with time?

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It’s Castoff Day!!!

Yea! I reached another milestone and 8 weeks of wearing a cast is finished! Into the boot! I guess some water got in so the bottom of my foot was wet… The skin on my foot was gross and peeling off! Ugg. Doctor said it was no big deal and it will be fine in a few hours. Scheduled my first PT for Monday. I have no idea what is in store for me. Time to read some post here and get the lowdown on that.

I’m kinda surprised that 8 weeks went by as fast as it did!

Time to ditch the scooter too. I’ll miss hotrodding around on that thing. If I had it much longer I’m pretty sure I would be able to start doing tricks and flips!

Hang in there!


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Scooter Adventures

Well next week the cast comes off and I’ll return my knee scooter. It has been a life saver and I can’t recommend it enough!
I spent a day at Disneyland with no problems at all. In fact it helped us get though the lines!
I go out all the time to dinner and movies parties etc…
I can go grocery shopping no problem. I drop off my son and pick him up at day care. The kids love it.

Every time I go out I get questioned about it. People ask if I made it, is it my invention, I want one, is that made for that?

At a restaurant the other day the host asked if I could park my “bike” outside. NO. I can’t and showed her the cast. Having a dark blue cast and wearing jeans throws people and makes them think I’m just messing around.

Of course I get a lot of grief from my co-workers. I get called “Paul Blart”, scooter boy, etc…. Ha but I am faster than them on this thing and have gotten really good at zipping around.
I think I’ll miss the damn thing! Except getting it in and out of the car…

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Scooterville. Good or Bad?

When I was in the emergency room one of the doctor’s or nurse told me about a knee scooter. So I renter once the next day and have been using it almost all the time both before and after surgery. I am able to zip around everywhere and chase down my 4 year old. Use it at work, riding around the neighborhood.¬† My question is: Is there any harm by using this thing?



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Nice to find a group like this!

I’m so glad to have found this group!

My injury occurred a few weeks ago when my neighbor came to the door late in the day Sunday afternoon. He had ordered a hot tub which arrived on a truck with one guy. They needed help moving it to the backyard. It got stuck on the side of the house, so I got behind it and we did the 123 push thing and it was 123 SNAP!

Had surgery 10 days  later.

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