Rejection of fiber wire from tendon

It’s been 2 years since the accident that severed my achilles. I had a lump on the ankle and assumed it was scar tissue from the stiches I was spitting. 3rd weekend in August 2010 I did a 50 mile bike race and the lump began to drain by the next weekend. This was 15 months after the repair!!! I went to my GP and hes dug around, saying there was something in there, but if it didn’t hurt I could do the 10k trail run the following Sunday. So I did and placed well. Monday my husband talked me into calling the orthopedic clinic. They wanted to see me Tues. morning and was in surgery Wed morning! They fiberwire sutures had never dissolved and my body was trying to reject them. The scar was revised and I walked out of the hospital. No damamge to the tendon. Within 3 weeks I was given the ok to start running again. The only problem I have had it that becasue there is no curve in my lower ankle the heel cup in my sneakers rubs a blister. Does anyone else have this and if so, what did you do to relieve it. I have found that athletic tape seems to work and is the only bandage that will stay put. I may have to get the back cut down on my running shoes.

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  1. I guess you’ve already read GerryR’s blog with his experience with rejected sutures. When did you have them removed, was this “Monday”, “Tuesday”, and “Wednesday” last week, or back almost a year ago? I’m guessing it was last August, and you’re all healed and running now, but your sneakers don’t fit your “funny-shaped” heel.
    I did a lot of customization to boot, “cast shoe”, and shoes when I was first healing, and I’m sure you’ll be able to accommodate an oddly-shaped heel, with or without professional help. Shoemakers, podiatrists, and PTs might be worth a try, as well as husband and handy friends. . .

  2. How do I find GerryR’s post?

  3. One way is to enter into the address (URL) window near the top of your browser screen. That should get you the “thumbnail” versions of his last 4 or 5 blog pages. Click on any of them to see the associated comments.
    Down at the bottom, there should be a link to earlier posts. Explore, enjoy, you won’t break anything that way!
    You can also use your browser to search the main page for his ID — Control-F for “find”, then type in GerryR and hit return. Most of what you find will be links, that you can click on. If you get lost or “buried”, either hit “Back” (or Backspace) until you get back to the main page, or type in to go there.

  4. I am 5 years post achilles repair. I have done 2 Half Iron Man triathlons and I am 54 years old.
    There are no limits on what you can achieve!!!!!

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