I’m 4 months out! The good part is I am swimming 1 laps 4 days aweek and cycling an hour 5 to 6 days a week, on top of working 8 hours 6 days a week. Healing well and strong. My ankle tells me to stop when I get home. The downer is my body was rejecting the dissolvable stitches. The incision finally stopped ouzing last week. I have pulled several out that pushed through the skin. Dr. did a culture and there is no infection. I apparently have an awesome immune system. (At least it’s not a pacemaker!)I’m still using the cast cover to keep the ankle dry while swimming.
Here is the best part!!!! I can rise on my toes on the bad leg 3 inches!!! This is supporting all my body weight on the bad ankle!
I have had no PT as my Doc tells me I’m doing more than enough to rehab myself.

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  1. Hi! just found your blog by searching for incision drainage/infection!

    I am 5 weeks post op and still in a cast. My doc had to do major reconstruction/repair because I waited 1 month to have the surgery. They have changed ithe cast every 2 weeks. Yesterday I began to feel “wetness” in the cast and have just about paniced until I read your blog about the ouzing of your incision at 4 months post op!

    I have a call into my doc to tell them about it but I am somewhat relieved after reading your blog.

    Did your doc indicate that the incision would drain and the internal stitches would work their way out?

    thanks for any information/advice you can lend!

    aka 2houndmom!!

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