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Apr 06

I am 5 weeks post op. Recovery seems to be going well, but I suppose it is pretty hard to judge at the moment. I am lucky enough to have a good medical staff to work with and excellent equipment.

I am using a VACOcast which is awesome and am 50% weight bearing right now… with the cast on.
My gym has a treadmill called the Alter-G. The alter-g has a computer hooked up to a balloon similar to a bouncy castle. The person walking in it.. on it… wears a pair of shorts with a rubber seal and steps into a hole in the balloon. The alter-G fills up with air and one is can walk from full weight bearing to 0% weight bearing. Pretty neat stuff. I am also doing some work in an under water treadmill with my VACOcast on. I think I am still 7+ weeks from getting out of the my boot.

On top of the rehab mentioned earlier, I added some hip exercises and scar tissue work. The scar tissue is pretty tender at the moment. Most of it seems on the surface. I am using a Deep Muscle Stimulator which operates like an air hammer, to desensitize the skin. Apparently vibrations work best with that.

I also did something stupid…
I was hopping around on my good leg in the pool area of my gym. I slipped on the wet surface and of course caught myself dorsiflexion on my right foot that was operated on. The pain was pretty bad… but I am a mary anyway. I had it checked out and it seems like I may have pulled on a suture. I don’t think it is too much of a setback. I just do not want that to happen again.
On that note…
I heard the most common time for re-ruptures at between 6 weeks and 4 months. The sutures used for stitching tissue back together dissolve in that time. If an incident does happen and one isn’t healed… then a re-rupture can happen.

I was told I can’t push on a rope. So take it easy during the healing process. I guess what that means is avoid dorsiflexion all together until the tendon is healed. Stretching the tendon out will cause it to heal elongated. An elongated tendon is like a rope, so any plantarflexion would be pushing on it. Toe side turns are real important in my sport. I don’t want to push on a rope.

Well I have PT again tomorrow at 11am. I am hoping to be 100% weight bearing with my VACOcast by next Friday. I keep hearing that the more I take my time on this end, the more it pays off on the other side of recovery. The Steadman Hawkins clinic in Vail have done studies where accelerated recovery may return athletes to sport quickly, but within 5 years, the amount of re-ruptures in tissue (ligaments and tendons) are staggering. Long recovery is good. I am happy if I am competing in my first world cup again in December.

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