52 Weeks…….dare I return?

Well that’s it, 52 weeks ago today was that fateful day when during a warm-up at rugby training I felt that dreaded snap.

I’m considering going tonight…….not training in the full swing, but just hoping to get a good workout.

Any thoughts anyone????


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  1. Jon, Go for it!!

    How’s the wife doing, growing nicely? When is baby due?

    I’m going to see Flintoff’s physio (David Roberts) tomorrow afternoon, leg not so good, hopefully he can do something for me. He specialises in ankles etc. and achilles. Not looking forward to it but needs must.

    Doesn’t time fly!


  2. go for it dude. Matt Dunning (Wallaby Prop) just started playing club rugby again in Sydney a month ago, after suffering an ATR against the Baa-Baas at Wembley in December last year. 6 months from snapping his achilles to paclking scrums - impressive!

    Dan Carter also due back for the ABs next month after partial ATR in JAnuary. It can be done!

  3. Hi guys,
    Hopefully the physio can sort you out. I suppose you have to look at the long term gain if he recommends any further treatment.
    Do you think Matt Dunning’s rehab program model was devised by Alcester RFC? I’ve only attempted a gentle jog so far but fingers crossed.


  4. I think you’ll find the rehab protocols were designed by the Wallabies physio Jon! No offence to the Alcester lads or anything, but I think the Wallabies budget for that might be pretty impressive! What does your physio say? Keep in mind Dunning is packing down 8-900KG scrums, a hell of a lot of strain is going on that tendon!!

  5. Tommo,
    To give you some idea in the difference of protocols…..when I ruptured my ATR the club physio/fixture secretary/general dogsbody established that I’d tripped myself up, given myself a bit of a dead leg and should try and jog it loose by doing a coulple of laps of the pitch.

    Ah good times!

  6. I’m an Aussie, so let’s hope the same dogsbody is advising Kevin Pieterson (at least until after the Ashes)…..just kidding. Maybe if you jogged around enough the tendon would magically reattach itself?

  7. Like you I’m at 52 weeks. Aged 60 but until a year ago a long distance runner and 3/4 times per week squash player. My achilles was completely severed with a 2cm gap. No operation, just plaster, horrible boot and physio.
    Quick progress for a few months then everything stalled. Still no push from the leg, considerable pain if I run (I’m up to about 3 miles but very slowly), difficulty in walking without a limp in ordinary shoes and generally despairing of the slow healing process.
    Has anyone any ideas—the physios keep saying eventually—I want sooner

  8. Alan~ Did I read you correctly? You didn’t have surgery? Surely they reattached your Tendon.I severed mine 95% and had surgery. Running 3 miles is awesome. I can’t wait to be there. Sorry you’re not making the progress you want.
    I was told I would be running in 6 months. I hope this isn’t a pipe dream….
    btw~I’ll be 50 next March.

  9. I’m wondering the same thing. I was just operated on yesterday, but at 49, I’m wondering if perhaps the more intense sports should become history.

    I play lacrosse, tennis and basketball and am a triathlete. I think from now on I’m just a triathlete. Just not sure if the others are smart or worth it.

  10. Just wanted to let you know my good news.
    I got my cast off yesterday! Oh thank goodness, 9 weeks is too long in the Tx heat! Like wearing a dead animal on your foot…that’s all I’ll say about that….
    The PA looked at my foot after the cast came off and told me it looked good. She didn’t know what kind of brace or boot I was to be fitted with. My Dr was in surgery. She came back and asked if we would mind waiting, because the Dr wanted to see me. I was worried…. He comes in and pushes both feet up, saying that’s great! Then feels of my tendon, he says, it feels strong, how does it feel to me. I told him I have no pain at all. He’s grinning from ear to ear! (This man never smiles) Then he tells me to go and walk. Swimming is good and riding my bike as a stationary. WOW! No brace, boot or PT! I just stood up and walked out!!!!!!!!!!
    My goal is to ride in the Hotter Than Hell 100 bike race next year. I’ll be doing some light jogging in 6 weeks if the Doc gives the ok.
    I attribute my speedy recovery to the prayers and well wishes of my family and friends.

  11. tomingeorgia~How’s it going?
    I’m trying to remain positve about being able to do what I was before the accident. At least I’m hoping. My plan is to take it slow and steady, lsten to my Dr and my ankle.
    I’ve read several accounts here of people returning to sports.When I first had the accident my surgeon told me I’d be running in 6 months, but no races for a year. Since my tendon was cut not ruputured I’m hoping that I won’t be prone to having a blow out. (Definitely staying away from pottery.)
    Have a talk with your Dr and ask. Everyone’s injury and body is different. ( I keep a tablet with me so I can write down questions)

  12. Joni78:

    The doc sugested the op so that I could return to my sports. He’s projecting an 80-90% recovery. He’s a good sports med guy and he clearly wants to get me out there again.

    I’m just not sure it’s worth the risk. I’m 49 years old. In addition to lacrosse and basketball, I enjoy triathlons, which bring very little risk of a re-rupture, so I may just focus on that. The start-stop stuff may have to go.

    Reading about 2nd and 3rd ruptures … can’t even imagine who low that would get you.

  13. tomingeorgia~I was not a swimmer or cyclist. but will be doing these sports as part of my rehab. It was my idea. The Doc said it sounded good, so I’m starting with swimming and soon as I feel stronger, the bike. If I’m not able to run as I did, I can still compete.
    I also find it wierd that everyone seems to have a different treatment plan. I only read of one other with the cast for 9 weeks and no one who skipped the boot, as I did. Since I wsa told I would have a brace or boot, I think the Dr must be tayloring my recovery to fit the progress as it comes. I need to ask this on my next visit. (writting it on my tablet)
    With mine being an accident everything happen so fast that I had no choice. Surgery ASAP was obvious.
    If I had this happen again, Id give up sports! It has not been fun…….or maybe I’m just not that tough.
    Do you have any pain now? Hope you’re doing ok.

  14. Joni78:

    I guess we’ll have MORE than enough time to decide what to do after we’re healed. I want to be smart - at almost 50, one could make a very could case for transitioning to “smarter” sports anyway.

    Pain is good. I plan to go off the meds tomorrow (day 5). I feel pretty good so I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

    Speaking of variations, the “back to work” thing is odd too. I read one post from a guy out 7 weeks! I guess that makes sense if you don’t have a desk job (I do). I plan to go in tomorrow for a few hours and see how it goes.

  15. I was able to go back to work part time about 2 weeks post surgery. I’m florist/gardencenter owner. I couldn’t get into the green houses much, but the knee walker was great for handling customers in the store. I did sit with my foot on the desk as much as possible. Be careful!
    49 is too old to be young and too young to be old……

  16. I was went to the Dr last Thusrday 10-29-09. Was told not to come back!!! YEAH! I can begin running on the treadmill@ 4mph. $4 weeks earlier than I was told.This morning I ran a mile!!! No pain or swell, will stay at 1 mile for the next 2 weeks, I have had no limp for the past 2 months. I can lift on my toes over 3 inches.
    Looks like I am on my way to running again!!! Woooo Hooo!
    I have been back at work standing 12 hours a day.
    Just some stiffness in the morning until I get the tendon warmed up. I have noticed that I have more flexibility in the ankle on the injured leg…weird.
    The only problem is that my shoes cut into the place I cut the ankle, I have some stinging, but tolorable.
    I think the good thing about cutting the tendon instead of ruturing is that there wasn;t any shredded tendon cut away and I didn’t have to stretch to lengthen it.

  17. Hi Joni,

    Beyond agitating for faster rehabs, my main job here seems to be bringing up the topic of the too-long tendon, something the docs and PTs rarely seem to bring up until it is too late. When you said your injured ankle is more flexible than the other one, that’s a red flag for that problem.

    By more flexible, do you mean that that you can dorsiflex (bring your toes up) farther on the injured side? That, in and of itself, is no problem. The real question is whether or not you have calf weakness at the plantarflexed (toes down) end.

    To test for this, cross your injured ankle over your other knee. Then push your toes down, using your calf muscle, as far as they will go. Keeping the calf pushing down firmly, grab your injured foot with your hand, and see if you can wiggle the foot up and down a little before the calf “catches.” That is, is there a very weak, abnormal-feeling area at the very plantarflexed end of your ankle’s range of motion? If there is, you have a too-long tendon. If not, you don’t have that problem, but I wouldn’t risk stretching it any further, either.

    I hope this makes sense,


  18. Doug
    Thanks for telling me about this longer tendon problem. My husband noticed that there’s a difference of flexiblity in my ankles in the dorsiflex. I did the test you told me to and there is no movement when I try to pull the toes up. I never did any stretching of the injured tendon. Just wrote my ABCs with my foot and swam laps, so I find it odd that the tendon is longer.
    It’s been hard to compare my recovery to others since I have only found one other on this blog who cut their tendon as I did.That person didn’t give many detsils of their progress. I do think I have progressed well. It’s only been 5 months and am at the point I thought was never going to come! :) It’s been hard to hold myself back and not do too much too soon. I am riding my bike and still swimming. Never had PT, Dr just monitored my progress. He just told me not to over do it , cuz if I screw it up we’ll all be unhappy.
    Any advice will be appreciated. If you know of any others with a similar situation can you tell me where to look for their blogs. I get lost in this site…. so much information to shift through.
    Thanks for your help

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