Next Big Step

It’s nearly 9 months since the big AR and as per most verteran victims when you are back on 2 feet and the recovery becomes slow small steps the posts become less and less frequetnt unless there’s a big change.

Mine’s that I’m up to 2 mile runs and that me and my good wife Natalie are expecting our first baby in November. I know it’s not particularly Achilles news, but it is big news and as I now consider this forum  and everyone on here a friend or potential friend who has given me help and advice on every stage of my recovery, and whether you are 2 years in or 2 days post ATR there’s always someone with support on here.

So I’ve attached a pic of my next big adventure on here. Good luck to you all.

Baby No.1

Baby No.1

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  1. Jon,

    That is fantastic news, hope Mum, you and baby will all be OK, it will be an early Christmas present for you.

    I’m still struggling a bit after 13 months, but I am just happy to be able to limp along. Did you know that Jimbo was a new Dad as well?

    This site is great for all sorts of reasons. Jimbo’s friend won 2 tickets to watch City in a Talk Sport competition so he sent them to me and I was able to give them to my niece and my cousin. Like you say, we are all family! Did you notice that Bojinov scored his first goal for us last week 10 months after his achilles rupture.

    Well done !


  2. Hi Annie,
    I did see that Bojinov scored, he deserves a bit of luck does that boy.

    As for the baby, the weeks seem to be flying by way too fast.

    Take it easy,

  3. Jon,
    Congratulations to you and your wife on the great baby news. Wishing you all the best in the coming months.

    I didn’t sustain an ATR, but had surgery on my AT and heel on May 11. Still in a hard cast and NWB, but I hope that changes when I see the doctor on May 22.

    Continued good luck with your AT recovery.


  4. J
    Congratulations - there’s been a couple of achilles babies - Jimbo has also done the deed !!

    Steady on now we don’t want a re-rupture whilst you’re decorating the nursery ! -


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