How long before single heel lift?

Good morninng all,

I was just wondering how long before all us recovering ATRs managed a single heel lift? My physio is happy with all my progress apart from the heel lift.

I’m at 13 weeks, non-surgical and wondering how long before those of you who have managed it took?

Hope you’re all moving forward,


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  1. Morning Jon,

    I am 28 weeks and still cannot do it, I try each morning thinking today I will.. but no such luck. My surgeon said when you can lift up onto your toes is the day you are ‘cured’.

    On another note, how are things in the motor trade down there, keep seeing shorter working weeks etc. and laying off etc. Hope your job is OK.

    My son is being made redundant at the end of the month, he works for a large Solicitors in Manchester in admin, and they are making 2 redundant, Alan had only been there six months so naturally he is first out. This crisis is getting very serious.


  2. Dude:

    It may take a while. I am 22 weeks post op and currently lifting weights and/or running (up to six miles); riding my bike up to 33 miles; doing (two legged standing, seated, and leg press calf raises); and eating healthy. However, I can barely lift my heel one quarter of an inch of the ground (and that’s with body momentum). You may have quicker results, but doing a one legged heel lift generally happens around the six month mark.

    With that said, however, you can resume other physical activities before that (such as those mentioned above). Good luck and God bless!!

  3. Hi Annie,

    Things are okay at the moment (fingers crossed), it’s a little different working in the design department as production doesn’t affect us usually, but thanks for asking. It’s a shame about your son; everyone seems to be on tenderhooks at the moment.

    Thanks for the responses on the heel lift, I thought the PT was pushing it expecting me to do a heel lift after only 7 weeks post cast. I’ll tell her to calm down next time.


  4. I am starting Week 18, can just barely get the single heel off the floor for a minisec. I had no therapy, haven’t seen the doc since Week 8 - he said take it easy, walking will be enough therapy. So it’s a consolation to realize that Week 18 is too soon to expect a real toe raise. Six more weeks to go? Maybe ! I am in no rush, taking it easy anyway, working and walking and normal living, no sports, no dancing, no running, no jumping, just living…

  5. I’m almost 8 weeks post-op now and my therapist is also pushing me to do 1 legged heel lift. She’s saying this week. I’m having trouble doing two legged & getting a really tired right leg. I’ve been working flat on the ground and on the stairs. It’s taken me 8 weeks to get this far. I may just tell my therapist to slow up too. Rerupture keeps reverberating in my head. Don’t want to have that happen!

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