12 weeks hospital visit….usual service provided.

Well fellow ATRs, that’s it. I was in the hospital a grand total of 20 minutes for my final checkup before being set loose to fend for myself.

Saw a different ortho again…….3 from 3. He did the Thompsons test prodded around my achilles asked if I was in any pain (no, I’m not). He asked if I wanted physio……real turn up for the books!

The head ortho came in then (original treatment dr.) and said “no physio and we’ll start him off with heel wedges for 6 months”?????!!!!!!!!!!

I pointed out that I’ve already had the wedges and was instructed to remove one every 2 weeks, so have been wedgeless for 2 weeks and have no intention of starting over. He then went through what my treatment had been so far (he obviously hadn’t looked at my record and realised that I was now 12 weeks in.

He then told me no exercise for 6 months……. so I told him that I had been having private physio and had been back in the gym for a week just doing a gentle cycle, some weights and then more stretches in the pool. He agreed to this, but looked puzzled with his own decision. I cut my losses and left, couldn’t be bothered to stick around arguing.

I’ve decided to write and complain about the service I’ve received, from the appointments being mixed up on every occasion to the fact that I was being treated by doctors who obviously weren’t even checking my details before offering their expert opinion and then disagreeing with each others treatment methods.


Hope you’re all recovering and having better treatment than me.




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  1. Hi Jon,

    My spam word today… goals…. is that a good omen for tonights game?

    Anyway, don’t be too surprised at NHS, even when it cost me £125 a visit (via my PPP Insurance) I was never more than 10 mintues with the surgeon. Last time I had been in and out before Martin had time to park the car!!!

    He told me to do whatever I felt comfortable with. Was never completely sure what that meant. As I have run out of outpatient cover now there will be no more visits to physio or surgeon until after Christmas when my fund is topped up again.

    Anyway, glad your doing well albeit under your own steam.


  2. hi Jon

    I find that every surgeon has a different protocol for ATR… even in the same department a wall thickness away from each other…. I have a NHS physio…. walking and stretching excercises….. no special boots just bare foot in the house…. and my own site boots else where…. I have a few pains in the healing process… and always concernd about over doing it…. good luck keep at it… your own body knows its own limits just no jumping or running yet and you should be okay

  3. My physio had me “jogging” up and down the gym hall this morning. She was very positive, though she guessed I had been skimping on the stretch exercises. Has suggested that I might try short runs as part of the physio. Week 16 conservative.

  4. hiya, just getting me head round all these blogs, links etc. im 7 weeks post op- im so exited found uk link- set up for the night now- wine- fellow sufferers stories to read- happy days- X

  5. Hey abbavick,
    There’s better advice on this site than in the majority of doctor’s offices.
    I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and was in an out in 15 minutes, he only did the thompsons test when I asked if he was going to check it.
    As everyone on here is/was in the same boat (more or less) they will know what you’re going through and will give a bit of thought to their advice and answers.

    Hope you enjoyed the wine,

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