Released to swim!

Hi all,

Well it’s been 10 weeks+ since my ATR and after 6 physiotherapy sessions in 4 weeks I’ve been cleared to swim. The downside of this is that the only pools nearby are public baths which only have narrow windows open for public swimming, so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it. The upside is that we have a gym on-sight in work which has hydrotherapy pools and for only £24/month.

Has ayone else used hydrotherapy and how did they find it?

As for recovery, my physio session on Monday included jogging on a trampet, various stretches after deep tissue massage, step-ups and wobble board. My big breakthrough came when I can almost step down off my bad foot normally.

Keep healing,



4 Responses to “Released to swim!”

  1. Think you would be wise to spend that £24 Jon.

    I would think the hydrotherapy pool would be good. My Aunt had 2 hip replacements a couple of years ago and that was part of the recovery treatment, paid for by NHS !!


  2. The NHS here would make you pay for your own amblumance!

    You’ll never get me out of the pool.

    I will be trying to worm out of my gym membership later.


  3. I would pay the £24 a moth as well Jonathon, unless they doa minimum membership of 12 months then its a bit of a tough one. If youcan pay month by month then I’d do it. I too am wooried about the NHS physio when i enventually get to that stage as I have heard its pretty poor by us.

    I have a page on my blog for fellow uk sufferers to compare local NHS services for us ATR’s

  4. jonathan9,

    I used hydrotherapy more initially. Shoulder level in water then practice walking on toes and heel raises. I’m at 15 weeks now and just swim. If you find regular pools are too cold and your ankle seizes up then go back to hydrotherapy but judging from your posts your leg is pretty strong so you might not get as good a workout at this stage. I prefer to just jog on the trampet now.

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