9 1/2 weeks… with all that grunting and groaning!

Hi fellow ATRs,

I thought I’d enter a post after my physio last night at 9 1/2 weeks.

Started with some ultrasound, then deep tissue massage around the achilles and calf followed by exercise.

Trampet: 1 minute of stepping, 1 minute of swaying side to side as far as possible with knees  bent, then a minute of jogging and finally balancing on the trampet with the ATR leg.

Step: 20 step-ups leading with ATR leg, then leg dips and finally 20 stup up and overs (this is the only one that’s still difficult, my bad leg’s ankle muscles are still too tight to allow me to lower with good leg down).

Finally some wobble and balance board work.

All in all successful, even managed to gingerly walk on my toes with heel raised.


Hope you’re all progressing.


3 Responses to “9 1/2 weeks… with all that grunting and groaning!”

  1. Well done Jon,

    Glad all is going to plan, I am just about to do the exercises you sent me yesterday. I did them again last night and my thigh muscles really hurt, so I presume something good is happening.


  2. Sounds like you’re making great progress! When did you start getting physio, is that physical therapy? How long do people usually get physio or physical therapy post operation?

  3. Hi Tiancai17,
    I am non-surgical, but I imagine that once the wound has healed that physio (or physical therapy) can begin as you shouldn’t then be able to re-open the wound.
    I started the day after my cast came off. I suppose once you’ve had a day or two to get used to not having a cast on they can start to work on you.

    I’ve had 5 physio sessions in 3 weeks and am coming along in leaps and bounds (metaphorically).

    I’d recommend it if you want to speed up your recovery.

    Happy healing,

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