9 weeks tomorrow…progress update.

Hello fellow ATRs,

I thought I’d fill you in on my progress. As stated in one of my previous entries, the ortho refused to give me PT on NHS, but I decided that getting PT was a priority for me.

I had my 4th PT session last night and have been out of a cast for 2 weeks. Last night she had me on the rocker board, the balance board and I even managed a jog on the trampet (please ignore the unintentional double entendres). I still have one wedge in but was walking with barely a limp after PT. She has advised me to ween myself off the last wedge over the next week.

I am nearly walking with my heels off the ground, although the right one is still reluctant to lift but on the whole I’m probably where I would’ve been at 6 weeks+ without PT. I’m going to visit my folks back in Wales this weekend, so a bit of hill walking is necessary ast there’s hardly any flat so a good workout will be had. The only drawback was afetr this first vigorous session I had  mild pins and needles in my heel……hopefully that’s normal.


Hope you’re all progressing well,


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  1. So glad to hear that Jon, hope the weather in Wales is good for you and your walking.

    My brother and his wife went to Betws-y-Coed last week and the weather was awful, they came back Saturday night to be sure of being at the game on Sunday!

    I paid for a few physio sessions but then the doctor told me I was wasting my money. Think I had about 6 sessions, now I just try and walk as much as possible.

    I still have a bit of a limp after a while but I am walking correctly which doctor was pleased about.

    Hope your weekend goes well, don’t climb too many mountains.


  2. Hi Annie,
    I would recommend to have physio as soon as you are able, just to get the movement and strength back in your foot and ankle (if it’s on the NHS then take what you can get).
    As for Wales, there’ll be very little hill walking, but I can see me traipsing around Cardiff after my shopping mad wife. It’s supposed to be sunny too.

    I take it you’re not going to Brighton? Should be in the bag though really.


  3. No Jon,

    Not going to Brighton, but I will try and find the game on the internet. Driving my hubby mad as I manage to find and watch a game almost every night, I put in my ear plugs while watching the TV at the same time…

    I got an email from Mark Hughes this morning!!! No doubt thousands of others did as well, the typing and layout was so bad it actually looked as if he had typed it himself - or they are trying to make out he typed it himself.

    Found a site that shows nearly all the games, for free !!!!

    Hope you manged to leave your credit cards at home, safe shopping.

    I am going to see my cousin at the next home game and she is an orthopaedic nurse and see what she thinks about extra physio.


  4. Morning Jon,

    My anti-spam word this morning was goals!!!

    Don’t even mention last night!! Back to normal then.


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