52 Weeks…….dare I return?

Well that’s it, 52 weeks ago today was that fateful day when during a warm-up at rugby training I felt that dreaded snap.

I’m considering going tonight…….not training in the full swing, but just hoping to get a good workout.

Any thoughts anyone????


Next Big Step

It’s nearly 9 months since the big AR and as per most verteran victims when you are back on 2 feet and the recovery becomes slow small steps the posts become less and less frequetnt unless there’s a big change.

Mine’s that I’m up to 2 mile runs and that me and my good wife Natalie are expecting our first baby in November. I know it’s not particularly Achilles news, but it is big news and as I now consider this forum  and everyone on here a friend or potential friend who has given me help and advice on every stage of my recovery, and whether you are 2 years in or 2 days post ATR there’s always someone with support on here.

So I’ve attached a pic of my next big adventure on here. Good luck to you all.

Baby No.1

Baby No.1

Nearly 7 months on and completed my first real mile.

Hello everyone,

I suppose that once you get past the initial recovery and physio sessions it’s inevitable that your blogs slow down as does your progress.

The reason for this new entry is that I completed a mile for the first time last night (excluding warm up and warm down). The achilles feels okay today and I aim on doing a mile most days now until I forget I have had an achilles injury.

I hope everone else is making a bit of progress too.


6 months today I received the bad news.

Hello all,

I thought I’d better post my progress as it was my birthday on Saturday and coincidentally the 6 month anniversary of my ATR.

Progress is now at a virtual standstill, heel is still tight in the morning, but limp is almost non-existant. Have done no gym work since Christmas as I’ve been on holiday but intend on starting back tomorrow.

There seems to be a steady flow of newbies since my last post and they all ring a familiar tune……..don’t worry guys and girls there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally a question; has anyone had an ATR and gone back to playing rugby/football (excluding professional sportsmen as that amount of physio is cheating)?  I only ask as my wife may be coming around to the idea that I’m holding out that I’ll one day grace a rugby pitch with my silky skills.

Keep smiling,


19 weeks….not a great deal to report.

Hi fellow ATRs,

I haven’t updated my blog for a few weeks, mainly because there’s not been a great deal to report, although I have been reading the site regularly.

I’v now had the all clear from the physio and she says she doesn’t want to see me again as all the swelling has now gone down around the achilles although the achilles itself is now twice as thick as my un-ruptured AT.

I seem to be walking without a limp and my form is now at 90% symmetrical when I walk/descend stairs. I have also re-booked my Mexico Holiday for January (the original trip was cancelled due to my ATR happened the week before we were due to go last time) and I am under strict instructions not to run/jump or do anything that might tisk a re-rupture.

Unfortunately my gym sessions have waned in the last week as I have been DIYing every day trying to get our dining room ready for Christmas.

Hello to all you new ATRs who have joined recently. Hopefully this site will help you through the dark patches that will invariably hit home occasionally. There’s plenty of help and support here and I honestly don’t think I’d have made it this far without the advice and encouragement from other users (special mention to AnnieH).

here’s to healing,



How long before single heel lift?

Good morninng all,

I was just wondering how long before all us recovering ATRs managed a single heel lift? My physio is happy with all my progress apart from the heel lift.

I’m at 13 weeks, non-surgical and wondering how long before those of you who have managed it took?

Hope you’re all moving forward,


12 weeks hospital visit….usual service provided.

Well fellow ATRs, that’s it. I was in the hospital a grand total of 20 minutes for my final checkup before being set loose to fend for myself.

Saw a different ortho again…….3 from 3. He did the Thompsons test prodded around my achilles asked if I was in any pain (no, I’m not). He asked if I wanted physio……real turn up for the books!

The head ortho came in then (original treatment dr.) and said “no physio and we’ll start him off with heel wedges for 6 months”?????!!!!!!!!!!

I pointed out that I’ve already had the wedges and was instructed to remove one every 2 weeks, so have been wedgeless for 2 weeks and have no intention of starting over. He then went through what my treatment had been so far (he obviously hadn’t looked at my record and realised that I was now 12 weeks in.

He then told me no exercise for 6 months……. so I told him that I had been having private physio and had been back in the gym for a week just doing a gentle cycle, some weights and then more stretches in the pool. He agreed to this, but looked puzzled with his own decision. I cut my losses and left, couldn’t be bothered to stick around arguing.

I’ve decided to write and complain about the service I’ve received, from the appointments being mixed up on every occasion to the fact that I was being treated by doctors who obviously weren’t even checking my details before offering their expert opinion and then disagreeing with each others treatment methods.


Hope you’re all recovering and having better treatment than me.




Released to swim!

Hi all,

Well it’s been 10 weeks+ since my ATR and after 6 physiotherapy sessions in 4 weeks I’ve been cleared to swim. The downside of this is that the only pools nearby are public baths which only have narrow windows open for public swimming, so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it. The upside is that we have a gym on-sight in work which has hydrotherapy pools and for only £24/month.

Has ayone else used hydrotherapy and how did they find it?

As for recovery, my physio session on Monday included jogging on a trampet, various stretches after deep tissue massage, step-ups and wobble board. My big breakthrough came when I can almost step down off my bad foot normally.

Keep healing,



9 1/2 weeks… with all that grunting and groaning!

Hi fellow ATRs,

I thought I’d enter a post after my physio last night at 9 1/2 weeks.

Started with some ultrasound, then deep tissue massage around the achilles and calf followed by exercise.

Trampet: 1 minute of stepping, 1 minute of swaying side to side as far as possible with knees  bent, then a minute of jogging and finally balancing on the trampet with the ATR leg.

Step: 20 step-ups leading with ATR leg, then leg dips and finally 20 stup up and overs (this is the only one that’s still difficult, my bad leg’s ankle muscles are still too tight to allow me to lower with good leg down).

Finally some wobble and balance board work.

All in all successful, even managed to gingerly walk on my toes with heel raised.


Hope you’re all progressing.


9 weeks tomorrow…progress update.

Hello fellow ATRs,

I thought I’d fill you in on my progress. As stated in one of my previous entries, the ortho refused to give me PT on NHS, but I decided that getting PT was a priority for me.

I had my 4th PT session last night and have been out of a cast for 2 weeks. Last night she had me on the rocker board, the balance board and I even managed a jog on the trampet (please ignore the unintentional double entendres). I still have one wedge in but was walking with barely a limp after PT. She has advised me to ween myself off the last wedge over the next week.

I am nearly walking with my heels off the ground, although the right one is still reluctant to lift but on the whole I’m probably where I would’ve been at 6 weeks+ without PT. I’m going to visit my folks back in Wales this weekend, so a bit of hill walking is necessary ast there’s hardly any flat so a good workout will be had. The only drawback was afetr this first vigorous session I had  mild pins and needles in my heel……hopefully that’s normal.


Hope you’re all progressing well,