Knee Scooter

Hopefully I’m not breeching any protocol, but I would be happy to sell my knee scooter if anyone “kneeds” one. It really helped me — much better than crutches around the house, and it folds up to take with you to work or to do errands.

Just out of surgery

Hi, everyone. I am writing my first blog post less than four hours after surgery began. It all went well. I had tendonitis in the heel area for several years, then a full rupture on Setember 20th. I am 52 years old, reasonably active, former competitive athlete. I stepped into a hole while crossing a field at my son’s cross county meet and had the popping experience many people have described on here. Decided to do the surgery and it was a good decision. My rupture was a bit unusual according to my surgeon. Part of the rupture was a tear in the place where the rupture usually occurs — about an inch or two above the heal bone. But most of the rupture occurred right at the heal bone. The tendon broke right off of the bone. Therefore the surgeon had to do two repairs. First, he reconnected the torn portion of the tendon back to the other part from which it tore away. Then, he re-attached the other part of the tendon back to the heal bone with two titanium screws. The process took longer because it was two separate repairs, but he said recovery and rehab should be the same. Maybe more pain with the screws set into the bone, he said. I needed a bit more pain med in the IV before I left the surgery center, but I’d say I have a two on the pain scale right now, so not bad. Starting oxycodone in about an hour. I’m kind of wiped out — did not sleep well last night. But overall I am very glad to have the procedure behind me and especially glad for the expertise of my surgeon. Having full confidence in the doc is a big plus psychologically on the road to recovery, I feel. Sorry about the typos but i am still woozy and wanted to post this in real time. Good luck to everyone out there and wishing you a full and rapid recovery.