Plaster off tomorrow!

Leg’s feeling indestructible currently in it’s fibre-glass casing. But I’m sure that once the protection is removed tomorrow afternoon I’ll be a little nervous at first. Can’t wait though!

Thought I should also post my back story…

Like dazf (who’s blog I’ve just been reading) mine also was a footy injury. Happened 9th Aug in a pre-season friendly (just helping out Taplow Utd 3rds!). Hobbled around for nearly a week, because I couldn’t believe that is was anything more than a sprain. Eventually saw a nurse practitioner at the MIU at Heatherwood Hospital (Ascot) on the Friday and she diagnosed ATR and sent me to A&E at Wexham Park Hospital (Slough). Consultant at Wexham starts talking about surgery option - now I’m in shock! Temporary cast applied by sister (Emma) in A&E, with a gully down the front for swelling. Instantly took to using crutches!

They called me back 24 hrs later for the op on Sunday (17th). One of Mr Anjarwalla’s team informed me about the 3-3-3 (equinus/semi equinus/fwb) weeks in plaster post op, whilst prodding around to confirm it was ruptured. Met Mr. Anjarwalla after surgery, which he informed me went well and Clarissa the anaesthetist did a good job so I was allowed home that afternoon, now in my 2nd plaster - a shoddy, plaster of Paris job applied in the theatre.

Bit of pain for a few nights, but the horse pills sorted that out. Found that the plaster put quite a strain on my knee ligaments. Managed to get a away for a few days with my other half doing the driving. No other time off work, as I do a software pre-sales role, which apart from meeting clients, can be done from home.

29th Aug - back at the fracture clinic (Heatherwood) for stitches inspection and change to lightweight, 3M, fibre-glass stuff in the colourĀ  ‘purple’. Nice lad called Andrew did the plaster and took a photo with my mobile (which I must remember to post).

5th Sept - 3 weeks up, back at plaster room for Andrew again to change my plaster. Blue this time and into semi-equinus - well hardly equinus at all. Andrew had a good shove and got some length back into my Achilles. Needed some of those horse pills again that night for the throbbing tendon. Still on crutches.

26th Sept - 6 weeks up, back at plaster room. No Andrew this time, he’s gone to college - apparently just doing a year out. Back to purple plaster this time and full weight bearing, with sexy little sandal. Felt very funny that evening putting weight on foot, but by the end of the weekend I was getting around on one crutch. By now I’m not using crutches at all and looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. Jonathan on October 17th, 2008

    Hey John,
    You’ll be amazed at how many layers of dead skin are under your cast.
    Soak your leg in like warm soapy water and wash thoroughly……it was the best feeling ever.


  2. annieh on October 17th, 2008


    Like Jon said that first bath is absolute bliss.

    I have a 30 year old son who has terrible excema and is prescribed Emulsiderm Emollient, I pinched some of that for my first bath because it is an emollient specifically designed to heal the skin as well as soften dead skin and remove it gently. If you can get some from the Chemist and soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes the skin will come off gently it won’t have any bad effects on your scar either.

    Enjoy that bath… and happy healing.


  3. dazf on October 17th, 2008

    I have been told i can shower but not bath till next week, I can’t wait. I have lightly dabbed wet cotton wool on my foot and ankle and that felt bliss?

    How did you get on getting in an out of the bath?

  4. annieh on October 17th, 2008

    Hi John,

    Getting in and out is a work of art. I climbed in on hands and knees then turned over, then I ran the water. Getting out was the hardest. I emptied bath whilst still in just to make sure I didn’t slip!! Turn over onto hands and knees again (I also put a towel in the bath when it was empty just to give some purchase when pulling myself up) and take the good leg over the bath, making sure you have a strong stool next to the bath to sit on.

    You will have great fun working out the best way in and out for yourself, I ended up chuckling to myself picturing how it might have looked to someone else.

    Good luck

  5. johnw on October 17th, 2008

    Thanks everyone.

    After the cast was removed I went to see the physio at my (very) local hospital, St. Marks’s. She gave me some advice for the first week. First thing, have a bath and get rid of all that dead skin! Getting in and out was OK - sat on the side and swung my legs over. Used my son’s Oilatum in the bath, very pleasant.

    Back walking with crutch(es) again, but the phyiso gave me some simple exercises before my first appointment next Friday.

  6. abbavick on October 21st, 2008

    hiya- im vicky, did mine 7 weeks ago dancing to mama mia- ow. great to find blog , will add more info asap-x

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