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Hi everyone, I only discovered this site today, 7 weeks to the day after my injury. I had my cast changed for the final time yesterday and I’m now weight bearing. I’m looking forward to losing it altogether in 3 weeks time and getting into rehab. There’s a lot of info on the site that I haven’t fully explored yet and with most of it coming from the US it will give me a different perspective on my treatment. I’ll bring you up to date on my timeline and history, I think I saw some widget thing on the homepage. Speak soon, John out!

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  1. annieh on September 27th, 2008

    Welcome John,

    It’s is a pity it took 7 weeks before you found this site, I found it quite soon after my operation and the help and advice has been fantastic, some terrific posts by people that make you roar out loud with laughter, it’s a real tonic, along with all the useful information needed.

    There are not many of us from England but we have been a growing number recently and it is amazing not only about the different treatments but also with language, we have great fun swapping words and phrases, which can mean completely the opposite in the US.

    Keep us informed of your progress

    Annie from Manchester (as in the richest football team in all the world!!!).

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