Posted by: johnskier | June 16, 2008

Doc’s visit, PT, various…


Four months also

Four months picture.  </p>
<p>Notice swelling and tendon thickness


Range of motion: Great. It measured out at 100% of the right leg, but when I bend down my right knee definitely goes further down so I don’t think it’s quite 100%.

Cycling: I suggested that on my bike I loosen the clipless pedal so that I don’t have to put much pressure to twist out. He agreed. He definitely said biking is a great thing to do.

Scar: Put on vitamin E; poke a hole with a tack in the gel caps and spread it on.

Golf: Ok

Skiing next year: May have to get my boots worked on so that the “lump” where the repair is won’t be bothered. I asked about stretching more before skiing, and he said the main thing is to build my strength up.

Told him: “I hope not to see you again, other than downtown for a beer.

I’m clear to do whatever I can do.

They get all these professional athletes at this clinic, and there are all these pictures and jerseys on the wall with autographs from the athletes with something like “Dr. XXXX, thanks so much for saving my career”.

So I wanted to show my appreciation, so I sent the Doc and his staff flowers with a note that said something like “I don’t have a jersey to sign for you, but wanted to express my appreciation…” I thought it was pretty funny. I hope they got it since I am strictly a “recreational” athlete.

I asked if this is likely to cause other problems (knees, hips) , is this is a “structural” change? He said no, that ROM is great and the scar looks great and just get the strength back.


I got the “it’s all up to you now” speech. Think I needed it.

I ran out of insurance money for PT. Mine was paid 100% but limited to $2,000. Seems to me a co-pay each time with a higher limit makes more sense, as it costs me something each time and at least I have a choice to continue longer without too much “damage”. I offered that suggestion to the company.

So I’m cutting down to every two weeks for now.

I aked if I could pay for a certain number of sessions private pay at a discount. They said no, they don’t do that.

ROM - great

Continue with ice as needed. I will continue to get swelling.

Strength is the main thing right now. Main things: Theraband exercises, heel raises, standing on one leg, standing on one leg and bending to a “T” (flat back, head up, arms out). Also, my wife is a certified Pilates instructor, so we have a “reformer” at home. I can do a bunch of cool exercises on that to build strength (including “prancing”, heel raises on the machine, etc.)


Dirt biking: Went to Moab dirt biking with one of my daughters and a friend and his daughter. So the day before I was loading my bike on the trailer and created a pretty nasty problem in my back & hip on the right side (left achilles injury). I think mostly it was from being stupid and not having a ramp. But it may have also been partially from weakness from the achilles injury. Anyway, I went to a chiropractor who does Active Release Tecniques (ART). Well, that helped a ton and at least I could ride the bike and dirt bike that weekend.

I was very careful on the dirt bike as I didn’t want to instinctively put my foot down for balance and cause a problem. The dirt bike was fine on my back/hip, but the mountain bike, especially, was not pleasant.

I’ve been back for ART a few more times and he also recommended massage. Well, this guy that he works with does an amazing massage if you like pain. Talk about getting the right spots. When combined, I think the massage and ART have been helpful in getting me back to normal. Man that massage hurts though.

Golf: Walked 9 holes Saturday and that really seems to be a good thing.

Think that’s it for now.


Johnskier - Great post and good to hear from you again. It looks and sounds like you are recovering very well. Congrats!

Great news.
Keep up the good work. Glad to hear you are working with a chiropractor. As I am looking at your pictures I would recommend talking the chirpractor about orthotics, those dogs look flat. Also are you getting your feet/ankle adjusted???
That will help with the biomechanics of the ankle.

Congrats on your new found freedom.

Doc Ross

Doc Ross - My feet are really flat. My surgeon commented on that too. I have orthotics for my ski boots. Maybe I need them for every-day use? I asked my physical therapist about it (not that she’s an authority) and she said that unless I was having issues they usually didn’t recommend that. I am not having my feet/ankle ajusted.

I have been to other chiropractors (usually after golf) but this is the first time for ART and I think with good results.

Tom and Ross - thanks for the comments.


With your history of flat feet, ATR, and an active lifestyle the orthotics are a must. By correcting any weakness, biomechanical fault and instability will only lead to improving faster, and prevention of heel spurs, plantar fascitis and other foot/ankle problems that will arise as a result of this injury.
So …ask the chiropractor, if they are using ART technique they will know the benefit of orthotics for your condition.
You should probably wait until you are in 2 shoes for a month before getting them made.
Good luck and let me know how it goes

Doc Ross

johnskier -

Glad to hear that your recovery is progressing nicely, and that you’ve been participating in various sports activities! Your incision scar is healing nicely as well.

It’s nice to see that in just a few months you are back to doing all the things that you love doing.. and show that the injury is temporary. Thanks for the update.


great post… I am am catching up to you 11 weeks tomorrow. I am really surprised how much the PT and massage has helped me as well. Your scar looks very similiar to mine but 7 weeks nicer.

You always to seem to be right on in progress dept. I am trying my first round of golf with no Boot Monday. Been wearing it only for that.

Keep pushing just not too hard.

do you still have the shower cover? my mom just had foot surgery (not achilles but a crazy bunion and hammer toe repair) - I think she could benefit from having the cover. LMK

hope your recovery is going well!


Hey man hope your doing well. Have not made a comment in a while. Just checking in on the skiing. May go in the next couple weeks I will be at about a year and feel very confident. Doing everything now but just have not skied yet. Any advice appreciated.

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