Posted by: johnskier | March 30, 2008

Back from vacation…

Man…I’ve missed a lot on the achilles blogs…trying to catch up.

I have a few things to report and thought a post would be most appropriate.

Where were we? On a cruise out of New Orleans (Norwegian Cruise Line)…4 stops - Honduras (Roatan), Guatemala, Belize and Cozumel.

Do you know how long cruise ships are? I think about 900 feet…and it’s easy go go up to, say, the main dining room when your cabin and the dining room are both aft and there are elevators. But to go 300 feet or so to mid ship, then up to the pool or to the fitness area or to the bar…well that’s more work.

The good news is that 2 days before I left my doctor said I could be 50% WB in the Aircast (that’s 5 weeks from surgery). Thank goodness…that was incredibly helpful and I felt confident moving around the ship…clearly much stronger on the crutches than the first 3 or 4 weeks. So I continued to take the foot out of the Aircast, do ROM work, and just relax.

The other good news is my PA made me a splint and I got a Dry Pro cast bag. I got a large, 1/2 length and it fit over the splint and ace bandage. It sealed very well and was able to snorkel in the Belize Great Barrier Reef. Pretty cool, although at one point a storm came through and the waves were pretty big and all of us were paddling like crazy. But I only had a fin on my good foot. I was exhausted by the time we got back to the boat. I did have to put weight on the bad foot to get back in the boat but used my arms to pull me up and made sure the weight was not on the front part of the foot (in case the splint didn’t support my weight).

What else? These other countries don’t have the Americans With Disabilities Act so it’s a bit more interesting to get around. Wheel chairs would be very challenging in these places.

Other adventures: going to a school for local Mayan children in Guatamala. A really great experience…up the river in a boat, then crutching from the boat up the ramp maybe 100 yards.

What to avoid on a cruise (and I did)? Getting drunk and falling down the stairs.

The trip further supported that getting back to normal as much as possible is the way to go.

Sorry to see so many have joined the “club” but looks like Dennis, Brendan, Tom, Doc Ross, Leeisme, Nancy, etc have continued to be very active. Looks great.


johnskier -
Welcome back! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Glad that everything went according to plan and that you were able to enjoy your trip. Did you take the iwalkfree or just the crutches?

Looking forward to seeing some pictures on your page. ;)

glad to hear it was succesful and no further injuries. 50% wt bearing sounds great. Did you have any pain??
One day closer to the end.
Doc Ross

Thanks Ross - no pain around the tendon. However, from all the walking around and especially after using my entire leg snorkeling, my foot, calf, and quads were a bit sore.

I am also now convinced that swimming would be a good way to exercise the leg.

Welcome back John. Sounds like a great trip. Probably the perfect distraction to keep from thinking about the tendon 24/7.

Glad you had a good trip johnskier…Nuggets are in as of today…every game is big from here on out!

Thanks Brendan…WHEN they make the playoffs, we could hook up at the Pepsi Center for a game. The ushers would wonder what the hell’s going on with these guys in crutches…like maybe we beat the crap out of each other? It’s amazing that a team with 50 wins (Dallas, Denver or Golden St.) could miss the playoffs while the 8th team in the East could lose 45 games or more. I don’t think anyone really wants to play either Denver or Golden St.

I’m in for sure…I have a connection for tickets through work, so if I get a pair..I’ll let you know..the seats are like 5th row up across from the Nugs bench I think. First things first…gotta take care of Phoenix tonight.

John. Glad you enjoyed your trip. We were both on vacation at the same time. Mine was a little less ambitious. We went to the Ritz in Amelia Island FL. I am still in the cast 6 weeks out of surgery with total NWB. Obviously my doc is VERY conservative. But I did use the Dry Pro Cast bag to go swimming and to go kayaking. I get the cast off on Thursday. Hopefully, I will be walking in the boot immediately without the crutches.

BTW, I was luckier than you, because I must have drank a whole barrel of margaritas and no falls.

All the best.


johnskier -

I’ve created a page for equipment donations:

Thanks for the offer! :)

Philip - I’ve stayed at Amelia Island Plantation and think it’s a great place…great for families. While we were there, one of those little lizards jumped on my 3-year old and she was screaming like a maniac. She’s 16 now and still remembers that…if she wasn’t screaming so loud, it would have been funny.


While at the resort the woman sitting in the chair behind us screamed. A fairly large black snake slithered up on the pool deck. Now while my boys and I ran up to see, my wife literally screamed and ran to the opposite side of the pool. We saw two more snakes and a turtle. Although we did move our chairs to the side of the pool that was farthest from the sand dunes.

We loved the place and the area.


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