Posted by: johnskier | March 22, 2008

Vacation survival kit for ATR patients…

So we're leaving for spring break and I think I have everything I need...see below.

Aircast, book, sandal for the good foot, sunscreen, beer, splint and ace bandage, hat, snorkel gear, swimming suit, crutches. I actually forgot to put my Dry Pro boot in the picture. It's a rubber boot that has a pump that sucks all the air out so you have a seal around your leg. I'll let you know how it works. It won't fit over the Aircast so I asked the doctor if I could snorkel with a splint under the Dry Pro. They were nice enough to make a splint for me.

It's 5 weeks post op and I'm 50% WB so we'll see how it goes, trudging through airports, etc...

So if I'm not available the next 9 days...well...I have an excused absence. Cheers - take care of yourselves.




Have fun! I’d love to see a pic of you snorkeling with that dry boot on!

I’ll try to get one. I don’t think getting out of the boat will be an issue (”plop”)…but they might have to drag me back to port (shark bait?) :)

Have a good time snorkeling!

Awesome! Have a great time. And, if the dry boot doesn’t work, you can always enjoy a beer on the beach!

BTW, The Innocent Man is a great book. I plowed through it in about three days during my first week of recovery.

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