Posted by: johnskier | March 9, 2008

Day 22 post op

Here are a few more pics:

1.  Crutches.  The spikes are down (for ice) one one crutch and up on the other for normal conditions.


2.  Incision 22 days post op.  I noticed that the skin is separated a bit near the top.  You can see the “sterile superglue” starting to peel away.


3.  Aircast.  See the valves to pump it up.  four different bladders (front, 2 sides and back) 



johnskier - those are nice attachments to the crutches. Where do you get those? With the snow/ice conditions here, they’ll come in handy.

They can be fighting weapons too. ;)

Where do you live Dennis?

My surgeon’s office “gave me” the crutches. The spikes were on them already. I found them on line just now, however (see below). The spikes have come in handy several times, and, yes, I’ve threatened people at work with them.

if you get them, just make sure that when the spikes are in the up position, that they are on the outside of the crutches so you don’t cut yourself.

We are in Buffalo, NY. Lots of snow past couple of days. I’ll put up some pictures. Nice sunny day today though! I walked around in front of the house on crutches digging the car out of the snow.

Thanks for the spikes info, that’ll come in handy.

Hey..speaking of Buffalo…I just read an article in that paper this’s about my sister-in-law’s brother who lives out there:

Six degrees of seperation?

brendan: That’s quite interesting. We might have ran into him at one of the Wegman’s here (favorite local chain of grocery stores) ;)

saw a response re iwalkfree and wondered if you would sell yours. We are not in the best shape financially right now but think this is the solution to my husbands problem with not being able to wear a prosthetic leg

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