Achilles Tendon Sleeve Avulsion

I ruptured my Achilles playing basketball over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend  this year.   I suspected that I had a ruptured Achilles as I had seen others experience the same over the year and know the signs.  I went in to see a foot Dr. as soon as I could on the following Tuesday and subsequent for an MRI.  I was diagnosed with an Achilles Tendon Sleeve Avulsion where the tendon pulled away from the point of attachment and a bone fragment was displaced as well.   This is a rather rare Achilles injury occurring in about 1-2% of all Achilles ruptures reported.  Surgery was required and I had surgery that Thursday to repair.  The Dr. had to cut and use a piece of tendon from my calf as there was not enough good tendon left to simply pull down and re-attach to the heel.   I was in a hard cast for about 5 weeks, and then a boot until now at Week 9 post op.  I hope to transition to sneakers over the next week or so.  I am in PT twice per week and am using my swimming pool to swim and walk in the shallow end and doing home exercises.  I think I am doing well, however, I still have a fair amount of persistant soreness, particularly in the heel area where the Dr. had to use anchors to reattach at the bottom of my heel.

I was wondering if there are any other folks out there who have experienced this type of Achilles injury and what their recovery was like?

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