1/2 way, 26 weeks, 6 months………

Call it all of the above as today marks 6 months since my injury happened.

Jeez, is it really that long since a dark cold February night when I ruptured my AT ?

Yes, it sure is and at 0435hrs today as I started my cycle to work I actually thought that it was that time, it was dark cold and very wet.

Where am I on the recovery trail, about to stop formal PT the hospital are happy with the progress that has taken place while in their care. I am able to jog for 20 minutes, still not running full out yet. Cycle 2/3 times a week 17 miles a time. Walk without a limp and go up and down stairs lifting and dropping on my toes.

The big milestone that everyone seems to push for, single leg calf raise, is almost there, I can manage it with a little support and should be able to do it completely by the end of the month.

No major pains or aches, just the daily stiffness in the morning which is eased off by stretching and massage.

I am so happy that with my recovery that I could dance a jig of delight, but , then again I don’t want to injure the AT again. :)

Hope that everyone else at achillesblog is recovering well and keep the faith and hard work going !

Johnk :)

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  1. uknodger Says:

    Well done Johnk. an inspiration for all conservatives with small c’s.

  2. Jonas Says:

    Sounds good, bro. I’m right behind you. You’re right, it’s seems so long ago, but not that far that this terrible thing happened to us. I look forward to posting my 6 month announcement. I’m seven weeks away today. Everyweek does bring improvement…….
    Take care

  3. kev34 Says:

    Johnk–you the man–we are half way there….do you still wear any kind of brace? I don’t bother with one normally, but I am wearing one to work daily..not sure if it will help, but it does give me peace of mind…congrats brother..Kev34

  4. johnk Says:

    Hey Kev34,

    I have not worn a brace of any sort during recovery, I can understand about peace of mind though. Hopefully go to PT today and they will say ‘Cheerio’ to me !

    Cheers to my running mate.

    Johnk :)

  5. Doc Ross Says:


    Congrats on the milestone. I’ll be there in a week. I will post an update and picture. Curious as to how yours looks. Can you post a picture??
    Keep up the good work.

    Doc Ross

  6. Tom Says:

    JohnK - Great job on the 6 month milestone. Sounds like you’re doing great and I’m sure you give great hope to all those who choose the conservative route. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress.

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