Week 18 or 1/3 to Full Recovery

Hi ATR Nation,

Just a short update on what has been happening in June.

I have started to attend PT at the local hospital and twice a week attend the lower limb rehab clinic where my recovery is regulary assessed by the team of PT’s.

On the days after attending PT I cycle to and from work in an effort to recover my pre-ATR fitness levels and also to save my wallet from the ever rising cost of petrol, £1.149 per ltr ($2.29).

The first few weeks after my cast being removed I felt that the recovery curve was very steep i.e. 2 shoes, no crutches, walking not limping, etc., however, as the time progresses this has slowed down and like many others in front of me I find this slightly frustrating.

Breaking up from work today for my summer holidays, :) , 2 weeks of no work, seems terrible to be looking forward to this so much after having been off for 11 weeks and only back at work 7 weeks, but thats life as they say.

I feel having read a lot of recent blogs that I never really took in the enormity of my injury and the impact that it has had on my family and friends and want to at this time say a great big thanks to those that endured my moods and poor patient behaviour whilst i was laid up and immobile.

THANK YOU GAIL( my wife), Steph and Rachel(my daughters), Caroline(mum in law) and all of Gails customers.

Anyway, I hope that all in this ATR nation are recovering and continue to do so.

See you all in a few weeks.

Johnk :)

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  1. Doc Ross Says:

    John K…

    2.29……..can you mail me a few thousand gallons…

    Glad to hear things are progressing. You have to remember that your calf muscle had been bearing your weight for 30+ years and that with you being NWB for many weeks you have lost ALOT of strength and stamina. You can lose 1% of strength a day during the NWB stage. That equates to a long recovery regarding the strength returning. Thats why IMO the sooner you return to PWB and FWB the better off your recovery.

    Keep up the biking, enjoy your family and have a great 4th of July….LOL

    Doc Ross

  2. John Kelly Says:

    Doc Ross,

    What price are you paying at the pumps for a gallon ?

  3. eriedutchgirl Says:


    Gas is $3.99 a gallon in Erie, PA, so about a buck a liter. Still cheaper over here, but not like it used to be.

    Sounds like you are doing great! I’m in PT recently, too, and man–they work me hard. Glad that you’re still improving all the time and your spirits are their usual, upbeat selves. Have fun on vaca!

  4. John Kelly Says:


    Just worked out that a US gallon would cost $8.69 in the UK.

  5. johnk Says:

    Hey guys,

    What Scotland is all about…………our other nationa drink !


  6. uknodger Says:

    Hi John… glad to hear you are getting on well, enjoy the holiday. Been pointed in your direction by a few people. I am a (hopefully not ex) cricketer aged 41 and I elected to not have surgery. Are you planning to restart football or have you retired gracefully?

  7. craig Says:

    Hey John,

    How are you progessing? Have you made your vacation to Bremen yet? I have fond memories of the Beck’s brewery. I’m definitely jealous.


  8. John Kelly Says:

    Hi Craig,

    Progress is good at the moment, twice a week PT at the local hospital doing strength work and stamina building on the calf.
    Holiday to Bremen is a memory now, but a good one, Becks at source is wonderful and Bremen is a beautiful city with lots of lovely open spaces and parks.
    Johnk :)

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