Cycling to work (part two)

Hi fellow ATR’ers, just a quick post on how my return from work journey went this evening. Left work 1805hrs changed route slightly to miss the worst hill on the route and found that it actually worked out well for me. I managed to keep up a good steady pace and as a result got home only 50 minutes later. Leg has been iced and rested and currently, 2243hrs, feeling no ill effects.

Good night from a leg weary, but happy cycling Scot. 

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  1. craig Says:

    Congratulations, John. Your success on the bike for the past few days has to feel great!

  2. Linda Renwick Says:

    Hi John, great to hear from someone else in Scotland. I ruptured 1st Feb but walked on it for 4weeks thanks to phone mis-diagnosis by doc! Treatment in this country seems to be so different , I was in nwb cast for 6 weeks and 3 weeks fwb. Now going to physio every week, very impressed with your cycling. Keep pedalling!

  3. johnk Says:

    Hi Linda, thanks for the comments, what part of Gods own country do you bide in ? I am originaly an Honest Man (Ayr) but now stay in Winchburgh.
    Your recovery time is about 1 week behind mine, how is PT going and are you recovering well ?

    Johnk :)

  4. kev34 Says:

    hey man–how is it going, not to bad on this side of the pond..does your heel ache after you walk much?…also it seems that at the bottom of my tendon it is very tender lately(little bit above the ankle area on the back of the leg)..Did you have any of that? Have a good one…Kevin

  5. John Kelly Says:

    Yeah heel hurts towards the end of the day and my tendon is very tender just above the heel itself (bit like a blister type rubbing). My calf is getting stronger but I find that after cycling there is a touch of cramp. I have been massaging the calf and achilles daily with Arnica Oil and have found that the residual bruising is going away and the swelling isn’t as bad as it had been.
    The weather here just now is great 22/24c with a little westerly wind, which helps my cylce on the way home at the end of my shift.
    Hope your recovery is coming along nicely and that your mobility is improving.
    Johnk :)

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