Cycle to work (part one)

Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you know how my first attempt at cycling to work went.

I got up around 40 minutes earlier than I normally would if I was cycling to work just to give me the extra time to cycle the 10 miles in to work. I dressed and took 15/20 minutes to stretch and warm-up, left the house at 0405hrs and set off on the journey. The trip is fairly uneventful with a few minor hills to climb and took me 55 minutes to cover, 45 minutes before ATR was a really good time. When I arrived the nightshift guy nearly fell off his chair, as I am not due to start until 0600hrs ! I warmed down and showered before starting work and as I type, 1223hrs, I am feeling really good. I will post part two of this trip when I have done the return journey this evening.

This journey has helped me achieve my goal of returning to cycling to work by the end of May !

Keep the faith in your recovery it is ALL WORTHWHILE !

Johnk :)

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  1. screwdriver Says:

    john k

    i just had surgery yesterday and i have hobbies like basketball, tennis and cycling.
    i am dropping the basketball and tennis and will keep cycling later on . im wondering how far off are you as to recovery time .

  2. Doc Ross Says:

    John k

    congrats on meeting your goal. Make sure you ice both your leg and your stomach at the end of the day to celebrate. Proud of you.
    Do you plan on cycling to work every day??
    What kind of bike do you ride??

    Keep up the great work

    Doc Ross

  3. kev34 Says:

    way to go John..not only making it to work, but cycling 10 miles–congrats on meeting your goal!! Now go out tonight and make the ride home in 54 minutes…have a good one..Kevin

  4. John Kelly Says:

    Screwdriver, I am currently 14 weeks and 2 days since rupture, no surgery to recover just 10 weeks in plaster.

    Doc Ross, I intend to cycle 3 days a week to work or at least build up to that. My bike is just a plain old mountain bike, old being the word I have had it for 13 years now. I certainly plan to ice the leg tonight and to have a bottle of Becks as I do it. Becks is the bottle of choice just now as my wife and I have planned a trip to Bremen in early July and a visit to the brewery is on the agenda.


  5. Tom Says:

    JK - That is great! Glad you made it and in good time as well. Enjoy the Becks after your ride home, you’ve earned it. It’s good to hear that you’ve upgraded from MGD!

  6. John Kelly Says:

    Tom, the MGD night was certainly a bad experience, one never to be repeated ! I usually stick to some decent Scottish brews by either Caledonian Brewery (Deuchars IPA) or anything by the Inveralmond Brewery. The time was a bonus, the journey was the task.

  7. John Kelly Says:

    Kev34, Cheers mate, the target for the ride home is 50minutes as I have slightly changed the route to avoid a large climb.

  8. eriedutchgirl Says:

    John K

    You’re killin’! Awesome. Glad to hear that biking to work daily is just around the corner, and completely in awe that you can do the whole stretch to work and back already. Kudos!

  9. John Kelly Says:

    Erie, Thanks for those words of support.

    A lot of guys on here have said what a support it is to have people who understand this injury, but the best support is receiving the acknowledgement for achieving goals !

    Cheers guys, i’m so happy and smiley at the moment that I could cry !


  10. dennis Says:

    johnk - Congrats! Really happy to hear that you are back to biking and that you met your goal. :)

  11. mlouie Says:


    This is just amazing! It’s really inspirational to hear that you’re doing so well!

    Congratulations and keep us informed so those of us at the beginning of the recovery journey can continue to live vicariously through your exploits :)


  12. Craig Says:

    Wow, a visit to Beck’s and Bremen. I’m jealous. I was there as a high-schooler 20 years ago this summer, and, yes, we made it to Beck’s then too. (Gee, I am getting old). I have great memories of the place.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    Oh yeah, congrats on the biking too… 8-)

  13. dennis Says:

    johnk - thank you for your generous contribution!

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