13 Weeks

Well folks, today is exactly 13 weeks since this journey began for me and I thought it was time to do an update.

Overall I feel that my recovery is on target and to prove this I managed to get out on the road with my bike on Sunday, for a small run or so I told my wife, and managed to clock up 10 miles of nice gentle flat cycling along the banks of the canal near my house. Did the circuitĀ in just under an hour, 56 minutes, and felt really good afterwards. Everyday I find that the mobility of the tendon is increasing and the strength in my calf is coming back bit by bit. My working day is 12 hours long and the first few days back, week 11, were very hard on my legs as I can walk around 2 miles a day during work. In the last few days I have carried a water bottle to work with me filled with ice and used it to ice down my ankle whenever I can. My next main target is to begin cycling back and forward to work, 20 miles round trip, beginning 3rd June. I am still waiting to get full PT from my local hospital, althought the physio has said she is happy for me to stretch and cycle until she can get me into the lower limb rehab clinic.

Hope all are well and keep up the hard work, the easy bit is the first 10 weeks ! :)

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  1. eriedutchgirl Says:

    Sounds like you are creeping towards normalcy! Every stage of this has it’s challenges. Biking 10 miles without the boot sounds like a dream to me, so don’t knock the post-10-week lifestyle. I can’t wait til that’s me!

  2. brendan Says:

    johnk - thanks for the post..I’m getting ready for the bike in the next few weeks. I’ve been on short rides on my cruiser in the boot, but not on the bike yet in a shoe. My ortho gave me the OK to ride the stationary bike in a shoe, but I think he and I are a little worried about having to stop quickly and put my foot down. BTW, can you confirm again, did you have surgery? I thought I remembered you were treated non-surgical?

  3. daveleft Says:

    I wanna ride a bike too! I had my first PT appointment today and stared at the stationary bikes across the room the entire time. The PT saw this and told me I was weeks away from even those. Dammit.

    But good for you. These stories give me something to look forward to. Keep up the good work…you’ll be leading the peloton before you know it!

  4. John Kelly Says:


    You are correct i was non surgcal treatment, so only started to weight bear at week 9 when the plaster was recast and my foot set in the neutral position.

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