Pictures of Non-Surgery ATR after 12 days

Left ankle 13.05.08 3

Left ankle outside 13.05.08

Left ankle 13.05.08

Here are some pictures of my non-surgery ATR 12 days after the final cast was removed. My ankle is slightly swollen today due to my 12hr shift, but other than that it is feeling good.

Got an appointment from PT today to go along on Thursday to assess my recovery strategy.


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  1. Tom Says:

    JohnK - Do I see a pint glass in the background??? It looks too dark to be MGD, but perhaps that’s just the lighting. You’ve probably earned it after a 12 hour shift.

    The leg looks great. Thanks for posting the pics. It’s nice to have the non-surgical commentary. Just another way of showing that there are many different treatment options with very similar end results.

  2. johnk Says:


    Good observation skills, although it is a 1/2 pint glass and the drink is apple and blackcurrant juice.
    Having seen other pictures with the scar tissue I feel that the non-surgical approach can help with the overall recovery as there is one less thing to be concerned about, but only time will tell which is ultimately the best.

  3. richard Says:

    So how are you know - mid August?

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