3 days cast free

Good evening folks,

I have been cast free for 3 days now and noticed a vast improvement in mobility over the last 24 hours.This morning after my shower, I massaged and manipulated my calf and ankle for 45 minutes to see what difference this made. Today instead of the built up shoe I tried my regular shoe to walk about in and drive with and found it a success all around.

This evening my wife and I went along to neighbours for some beer, wine and Wii playing and found that i was able to move around freely enough to enjoy the Wii.

Hopefully everyone recovers as quick as I feel I am doing at the moment, although I am aware that at some point I will stall and find the PT hard work, but smile just now whilst the sunshines on my back.

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  1. craig Says:

    Wii playing, I love it. I now have a new milestone to shoot for, play Tiger Woods golf on the Wii with my kids.

    Congratulations on your successes, John!

  2. Tom Says:

    Great to hear you’re doing well JohnK. Maybe they can make a Wii game that includes PT exercises! That might add a little excitement and keep us all more dedicated to completing them. Damn, I suppose I just gave away an idea that I could’ve made millions on. Just kidding!

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