Cast Free


 After 70 of the longest days of my life I am finally cast free and walking with 2 shoes on again, okay 1 has a heel lift on it, but it is better than hopping and crutching along.

 The cast came off at 10am this morning leaving me with this withered looking left leg with lots of dead skin and hair attached. I managed to thank the doctor and the cast guys before putting on my sock and shoe and crutching very gingerly out of the consulting rooms. I got home and a miracle had happened, I was able to walk/limp without the crutches at all, just waiting to hear from my GP about PT and I will be all set to start the real recovery work in the months ahead.

Have spoken to my work and they are wanting me to start back on 7th May for a few hours to get accustomed to moving around and then to come back full time from the next week on.

Hope everyone is doing well with their recovery and good luck from a VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY SCOTSMAN !

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  1. ross Says:

    congrats…you body will adapt quickly so go slow and enjoy your new found freedom.
    First hike… the pub for a pint or three.


    Doc Ross

  2. craig Says:

    Great to hear this, John. I think a whiskey is in order!

  3. johnk Says:

    Whisky, yes, but without the ‘e’, a true Scot only drinks the original and best !

  4. kev34 Says:

    we are at about the same timeframe, 70 days post op for me as well….did you go straight from the hard cast to wearing two shoes–if so that is great..I just moved into the walking boot on Tuesday–they say I have to wear it a month before starting pt…so have you been out of work for 10 weeks also, what do you do?..I drive a UPS truck–have no idea when I will be returning to work….Congrats on the milestone…Kevin

  5. craig Says:

    Ha! I hear you John. Enjoy it, and have one for the rest of us as well.

  6. jmon Says:

    Congratulations John! A little positive news from someone in the group makes the waiting for my own progress easier. Thanks.

  7. johnk Says:


    Yes straight from hard cast to shoes, 10 weeks hard cast though, remember i had no surgery.

    I last worked on the day of the injury and wanted to return to work 4 days afterwards, but my company declined the insurance risk of my working on site, I am a Security Officer, need to at least walk quickly..

    Thanks for all the congrats, stick at it guys.

  8. Tom Says:

    Cheers JohnK. Welcome back to the world of 2 shoes! I’m glad to hear that everything is progressing well for you. And, you’re right - now starts the real recovery. Even though it may start to get boring, keep working on the PT exercises as much as possible.

  9. dennis Says:

    Johnk - Congrats! Glad that you’ve started to wear 2 shoes. Keep us posted on your recovery/PT.

  10. Doc Ross Says:

    John K..

    Curious as to how a nonsurgical tendon/ankle looks. If possible could you post a picture.


    Doc Ross

  11. johnk Says:

    Doc Ross,

    i’ll get my wife to take the pictures tonight ;)


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