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  2. I am confused about NWB duration. I had surgery 7 days ago for ruptured right achilles. Some indicated weight bearing within 2-3 weeks speeds up healing and minimizes atrophy. Conservative protocols seem to call for at least 6-9 weeks NWB. Curious what people have to say about this and whether I should insist on aggresive treatment with the doctor?

  3. John–it depends on a few factors:
    1. Each doctor’s familiarity with any given protocol. Some (seemingly more “up to date”) docs are in agreement with aggressive protocols and early weight bearing for the benefits you described. Being newer in practice some docs may not feel comfortable with this. Be sure to ask your doc questions related to this to make sure you two are on the same page.

    2. Each individual. For some aggressive is good, others maybe a slower, more conservative approach is more appropriate. Either is good, it just depends on your injury, goals, and doctor’s comfort level.

    If you would like to go the aggressive route I can point you to some studies that were done to support this, for info for your doc.

  4. There are as many different protocols as there are people on here, so it is difficult to compare where you are as compared to someone else. It would be interesting to see the protocols from people seeing the same doc.

    I am 3weeks and 4days post surgery. They removed my cast and since I was in a fairly neutral position left it off so I could work on ROM but no weight for another 3 weeks.

  5. thanks for all the feedback. I am probably premature with this question because I am not sure what the doctor will do. At two weeks, if healing looks o.k., I believe will get a boot with a heel lift. I think it will be NWB for several more. My rupture was half way up and total. But, I’d like to put some weight on the boot unless that will be counterproductive. I have been hardcore hiking, biking, skiing every day for several hours and was in great shape until the injury. Not sure if that makes any difference in the protocol. Also I am trying to figure out what , if any, aerobic exercise, to do. thanks again and good luck to all

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