1 week post ATR (Jun28)

Written on July 27, 2010 – 8:00 am | by firstdayofsummer

As advised by the ER I phoned the orthopedic surgeon in the morning. He was out operating today, and so were all other 5 doctors in their office. Earliest appointment available with anybody – 2 weeks from today.

That’s not doing it for me so I started calling around – after calling about 10 doctors I finally get an appointment for later in the afternoon (the fact that this doctor had a last minute appointment should have been a warning sign).

I should add that while I was immobilized over the weekend I did a lot of research and had by then decided to go the non-surgical way (with early weight bearing). So I get to my appointment in high spirits and explain to the orthopedic surgeon that I do not want to have surgery. Well he stopped me right there in the middle of my sentence and told me I can have surgery or 8 weeks of cast (up to your groin). Lovely man, indeed! I then tell him about the newest studies and results but he again just cuts me off and hands me some papers. “Just fill out these papers for the surgery and schedule a surgery date with my assistant. You are not committing yourself to anything but with 4th of July weekend coming you better get going. Oh, and you only have a couple of days left to have surgery.”  Again, a very lovely and caring doctor.

So this little visit has me close to tears as I am starting to think I might not have a choice but surgery. If that is the case then I will at least not be operated by doctor rude and heartless.

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