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Aug 28 2011

The story so far (Part 1)


I am 32 years old and am 5 weeks out from a second round of surgery after re-rupturing my Achilles tendon. This is my story so far.

On Sunday May 1st this year while playing a regular game of club field hockey I suddenly felt a whack on the back of my right leg. It was about 10 minutes into the second half when it happened and a ruptured Achilles would have been the last thing that came to mind. I was convinced it was just a bad tackle, however an ultrasound the following day would prove otherwise. I had ruptured my right Achilles tendon.

My 2 week diving trip to Vanuatu was cancelled and surgery was scheduled for Wednesday. I had percutaneous surgery (kinda like key-hole) and placed in a splint (rather than a cast) with my foot angled down. I was in and out of hospital in one day and back to my desk job the following Monday.

Two weeks after surgery I was put into a CAM walker and started physiotherapy shortly after that. I was full weight bearing after 6 weeks and out of the boot (2 shoes) at 8. Up until this point I had reasonably clear instructions on what to do and when. At 10 weeks after surgery I had my last post-op review and was surprisingly told by my surgeon I was good to go back to hockey training. I didn’t take him seriously but when my physio told me I was good to go back to bike riding (on the road) I was confident I was ready.

At this stage I had almost full range of motion back, was walking with almost no limp, was riding 30 mins on an indoor bike trainer and could stand up on my toes with a 50-50 weight distribution. Bike-riding, I thought, would be fine, but as I pushed off with my bad leg to get on my bike it ruptured again.

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