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Jan 29 2012

Showing off my 23cm (9 Inch) Scar

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It’s been just over 6 months since my Achilles tendon reconstruction surgery after re-rupturing it. Progress is slow but at least it’s heading in the right direction. The girls seem to love the 23cm scar and lump that is my new thick tendon so I can’t complain too much :-). It’s much easier to walk now, although inclines and uneven surfaces are still a little awkward. I’ve added weighted squats and lunges to my routine and can almost do a one legged heal raises (on the bad leg) without using a bench for assistance.

Just the other week my physio got me to do some dynamic motion for the first time. Lying down flat on a spring-loaded bench on rails I did some horizontal "jumps". It was more of a confidence exercise since the springs were only lightly loaded but it did the job.

I’m slowly working towards a return to my road bike. It’s bit of a scary thought given that getting on my bike 11 weeks after my first surgery (as directed by a different Physio) was how I re-ruptured it in the first place. This time though, my Physio and I are making certain I’ll be strong enough when it comes time to get back on the bike.I’m thinking it’ll be about 1 - 2 months from now but there’s no rush.

As for the long term goals, well, I have days where I feel a return to hockey is a real possibility and other days where I’m unsure if I’ll ever be able to run at anything more than a jog but I try not let those days get to me too much. I just put my head down and focus on my exercises.

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