I never “blogged” before and hope this is done correctly.  I just tore my right achilles tendon.  8 years ago I tore my left.  Anyone else out there on their second injury?

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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum,

    I am on my first and fingers crossed, only ATR but a former co-worker of mine ruptured one at 18 years old, then the other at 37 years old. On the good side he considers both fully recovered and was back playing basketball after 4 months for the 2nd injury.

    Moms “owie”

  2. Hi Joel! It’ll be fun to stay in touch with you other than just at the doc’s office on Thursdays! Hey, I’m glad you found the site and don’t worry about never having blogged before … neither had I. I should have warned you, though — it can really get addictive! Anyhow, hope others’ stories and comments are as informative, empathetic and entertaining as they have been for me.

    So how was your appt. yesterday? Mine was good — got half my stitches out and a new boot. Then I went home and took a REAL shower. So many good things in one day … almost felt like it was Christmas! Hope to get the other 1/2 of stitches out next Thurs and maybe progress to PWB. Are they treating your 2nd rupture the same as first? Did you go to McPhilemy the 1st time, too? Just curious … I have been satisfied w/treatment so far … he takes a lot of time and care answering my 4 million questions and he seems to be taking a pretty agressive approach to healing when I compare to all the other stories out there. (Thank our lucky toes he didn’t put us in casts!!)

    Anyhow, hope you’re doing well, Joel, and look forward to staying in touch! — Elizabeth

  3. McPhilemy removed half of my stitches as well. You must tell me how you are showering (getting in/out, etc.). I haven’t attemped that yet, and bathed last time I had this injury once I figured out how to get in/out of the tub. I’m in a new home now so its not the same set-up.

    Last time he put me in a cast for 3 weeks, then a boot. The trend these days seems to be to put patients in a boot right away to work on minimal movement and to minimize chances of clots. I was in a cast for the first 2 days simply b/c the boot place wasn’t open prior to my surgery.

    McPhilemy did my first surgery as well. I met him professionally (I’m an attorney, and he treated one of my clients), and really liked him from the start. I just never imagined he would cut me open like a can of tuna…twice! He is great about answering questions, and can tell you everything about the Sixers :)

    Anyho, keep up the good work, and keep me closely advised as to your progress. I’ll do the same.


  4. Toanswer your 1st question: very carefully!

    Seriously, best investment so far has been a shower stool/bench (Bed Bath & Beyond has a good one … tell your wife to use one of those 20% off coupons that come almost daily). Our master bath has a built-in bench, too, but this way I can sit on the portable bench 1st, swing my legs over the step/lip into the walk-in shower (never saw this as an obstacle before!), and then literally hop over to built-in bench and rest ATR leg on BB&B bench. Trust me, the semi-complicated logistics of whatever your situation might be are well worth it! My hubby also bought a shower head with removable, mobile sprayer, but I don’t think I’m going to need it for what I hope is the short time I will be NWB. Plus I hate when he tackles simple “home improvement” projects that always turn into disasters based on what language the directions are written in or what part or step they forgot to include!! I’m hoping he can return the thing unopened if you know what I mean.

    I am a big proponent of this new trend and happy for you that you are healing well, too. And you’re right about the McPhilemy & the Sixers … my first appointment was the day the Sixers had signed Elton Brand, so he assured me that Saks would definitely “up my contract” if I had surgery and rehabbed diligently (… now if it were only for $84 million …)

    Yes, my life is pretty much all Bala Two these days … pre-injury I sold men’s clothing at Saks Fifth Avenue, and I know one of McPhilemy’s partners quite well (Dr. Sachs). He is a frequent customer but was on vacation (as it seems were most Philly orthopedic surgeons) the week I needed someone ASAP. So I am thankful that McPhilemy squeezed me in.

    Pre-surgery we had also gone for a 2nd opinion to Heppenstall (my husband’s doc), who is at Penn Sports Medicine. His diagnosis was exactly the same and he strongly encouraged me to do the surgery w/McPhilemy, saying I was in good hands and informing me about McP’s Sixers connection, too. Coincidentally, Heppenstall said that he had just received a phone call from Ed Snyder who was looking for another medical blessing, if you will, of the Elton Brand acquisition. Love that they put us weekend warriors in the same pot as the professional athletes of the world … if only we had 4 hours of PT a day and round-the-clock trainers!

    Now the big Friday nite question is do I have the energy to go out with da boot for dinner (racking my brain re: which local restaurants have stairs and which don’t??) or is it another nite of carry-out? Decisions, decisions….

    Hang in there … and try your best to have a good weekend! At least our nasty heatwave took a break and it’s actually pleasant enough to sit outside again … (did McPhilemy tell you to take off the boot and actually sunbathe your incision? He says the ultraviolet rays will help heal the wound … I love this guy! Tanning without guilt!!)

    Take care, Elizabeth

  5. I don’t have a built-in bench in my shower, but will try sitting on the bench I did purchase this time. While at Bed, Bath & Beyond, check out their “lazy-boy” outside chairs. I have been reclining on them next to our pool ever since the surgery, for hours at a time. I even slept in them for several nights. Kinda of a tease though because the pool is still off-limits to me (can’t get in/out; can’t get wound wet I imagine since stitches are still in). Did the Doc say anything to you about getting your wound wet (shower, pool) at this stage? I forgot to ask this week.

    Be aware that the absolute best therapy for me last time was exercising in a pool. I don’t think Razansky has those facilities, so see what you can line up.

    I didn’t realize you worked at Saks. My first job after college was the Macy’s Management Training program, and my office is in 2 Bala as well.

    Elton Brand tore his achilles at 28 (we should add him to the celebrity page, along with Domonique Wilkins, Ty Detmer, Billy King, Takeo Spikes, Jim Miller of the Chicago Bears). This has to concern the Sixers–and our good doctor–a little b/c he was just too young. Leads many to believe he may tear the other, just like moi :( Good news to you–and anyone else who reads this–my surgically repaired left AT (age 36, the average age according to the database on this site)has never bothered me since the completion of that rehab. I did have periodic tendinitis in both for years leading up to the injuries. I’m hoping this is it for me, and certainly can’t feel sorry for myself after seeing the guy on this website who tore both, simultaneously. Ay caramba!

    We plan to return to the scene of the crime this weekend: the beach. We have a house in Ventnor that has bathrooms on all floors, so I’m sure you can understand my desire to be there. McPhilemy did encourage me to take the boot off and move my foot as much as I can, which I have been doing daily. He neglected to mention sunbathing though.

    I hope you get out and enjoy yourself a little. Just keep that leg elevated— and sun-blocked :)

  6. Ay caramba is right! I was going to tell you to check out the guy who tore both at once … definitely makes you count your blessings! And did you see the post of the article about the kid from Smyrna Beach whose “rupture” was caused by a shark attack while he was surfing?? Not many shark sightings down the Shore, though …. lucky for you!

    It’s good to hear that you are returning to the scene of the crime and I’m sure it will be therapeutic in many ways — just breathing ocean air makes me feel better. My crime scene will await my return for a few more weeks … we will return to our place in Maine the last week of August. I had to laugh when you mentioned a bathroom on every floor … that is a good thing! Made me remember that we have a big walk-in outdoor shower there that will make my life MUCH easier … can’t wait! Are you bringing the BB&B Barca-lounger?? I will definitely check them out.

    Oh, and McP did give me his blessing for getting my incision wet, probably because I am over 2 weeks post-op now and it really looks almost completely healed. I think he left 1/2 stitches in just to be cautious, as there is one little spot closest to the heal that needs a little more drying out time. Thanks for the head’s up about Rasansky and no pool. I had been thinking about that, too, since I had heard pool therapy was particularly helpful, so I will heed your advice.

    Lastly, you were wise to only stick your big toe into retail (e.g., the Macy’s Mgmt Program) and then go on to law. I did it backwards… started out in the corporate world (doing client communications work, mostly investment management focused, out in the Bay area). But when we moved back East, I scaled back to full-time mom and then re-entered the work force 1st with Restoration Hardware and now with Saks, mostly so I could keep my hours below 30 per week. It’s worked out well for balancing work/family, but I could certainly go for a desk job about now!!

    And I should have guessed you were a lawyer … who else in their right mind is on their laptop at 5:27 a.m.??! JK … I am worried that I might get used to this life of sleeping in until 9:30 and still having my husband bring me coffee and breakfast on a tray. What am I complaining about, right?

    Have a great time at the Shore … are you there all week? If not, see you you Thursday. And I promise to wear sunscreen Doc — and you better, too — looks like a perfect Shore weekend! Best, Elizabeth

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